This article is about the European Portuguese dub. You may be looking for the Brazilian Portuguese dub.

Rua Dálmatas 101 is the European Portuguese dub of 101 Dalmatian Street. It had it's sneak peek on December 22, 2018, followed by the official premiere on March 23, 2019. It airs on Disney Channel.


Dylan: André Raimundo
Dolly: Rita Tristão
Doug: Rui de Sá
Delilah, Portia, Snowball, Prunella: Susana Farrajota
Dawkins, Diesel, Sid, Spencer, Fergus: Peter Michael
Destiny, Déjà Vu: Sissi Martins
Dallas, Dorothy, Clarissa: Sofia Cruz
Dante: Carlos Martins
D.J., Delgado: Alexandre Carvalho
Deepak: Maria João Miguel
Da Vinci, Doctor Dave: Luís Lobão
Dizzy, Roxy, Bessie, Hunter: Maria Camões
Dee Dee: Vânia Pereira
Hansel: Pedro Leitão
Spike: Gonçalo Carvalho
Summer: Susana João


See Episodes/International/Portugal.


  • The theme song is sung by Sissi Martins, who is the voice actor of Destiny and Déjà Vu in this dub.
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