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This article is about the Italian dub. You may be looking for the show page.

101 Dalmatian Street is the Italian dub of the show of the same name. It had a sneak peek on Disney Channel on December 23, 2018, and officially premiered on March 18, 2019. On Rai Gulp, it premiered on November 18, 2019.


Dylan: Alessio De Filippis (episodes 1a - 6b), then Daniele Raffaeli (7a and on)
Dolly: Monica Bertolotti
Doug: Massimo De Ambrosis
Delilah: Gilberta Crispino
Dawkins: Mattia Moresco (episodes 1a - 3b, sometime after 4a - unknown), then Alessio Puccio (4a - unknown, unknown and on)
Destiny: Sara Vidale
Dèjà Vu: Eloisa Brusa
Dante: Daniele Raffaeli (episodes 1a - 6b), then Daniele Giuliani (7a and on)
Deepak: Francesco Ferri
Diesel, Dimitri 2: Leonardo Cococcia
Dimitri 1: Mattia Moresco
Dimitri 3: Corini
Dorothy, Dallas: Veronica Cuscusa
Da Vinci: Corini (episodes 1a - 5b), then Silvia Barone (6a and on)
Delgado: Tito Marteddu
Dizzy: Anita Ferraro
Dee Dee: Carolina Gusev
Fergus: Paolo de Santis
Sid: Sacha de Toni
Big Fee: Cristina Noci
Clarissa: Gio-Gio Rapattoni
Arabella: Laura Amadei
Prunella: Serena Sigismondo
Roxy, Hansel (early episodes): Francesca Rinaldi
Snowball, Pearl: Barbara Sacchelli
Constantin: Leslie James la Penna (earlier episodes), then Nicola Braile (later episodes)
Spencer: Gianluca Solombrino
Captain Walker: Emanuela Brown
Stanislav: Gianluca Machelli
Chips: Edoardo Stoppaciaro
Hugo: Nanni Baldini
Hansel (later episodes): Valerio Sacco
Poodlewolf: Daniele Raffaeli
Portia: Raffaella Castelli


See Episodes/International/Italy.


  • According to the credits, many character's names are changed. Snowball becomes Palla di Neve (literally Snowball), Delgado becomes Del Gado (with a space), Constantin becomes Costantin (first n removed), Spencer becomes Spence (no r), and Deepak becomes Deepack (extra c).
  • The theme instrumental has been pitched down despite the show still being broadcast in PAL.
  • The theme is sung by Cristina D'Avena, and the ending theme is sung by Ilaria De Rosa and Gabriella Scalise.
  • They were the first to premiere the episodes from Diamond Dogs to The Longest Night.