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Cover of second release.

101 Dalmatian Street is soundtrack of the 2019 animated Disney show of the same name released by Walt Disney Records. The album features selections of the show’s original score composed by Nathan Klein, Rupert Cross and Theo Vidgen. Also included are the opening theme I’ve Got My Pups with Me performed by Kathryn D. Rende, the end titles song It’s a Dog’s Life performed by Celica Gray, as well as other songs from the series. Walt Disney Records

It was originally released on March 1, 2019 with 3 songs including shows intro and outro and then released on March 8, 2020 with 27 songs and scores.

Track listing

Most of music score was composed by Nathan Klein, Rupert Cross and Theo Vidgen. Exceptions were listed.

No. TitleComposer Length
1. "I Got My Pups With Me" (Kathryn D. Rende)Johnathan P. Rende,
Kathryn D. Rende
2. "Dolly" (feat. Michaela Dietz)  1:23
3. "Dylan"    0:57
4. "The Canal Crew"    1:53
5. "Puppy Party"    1:10
6. "All Fired Up"    2:30
7. "Dolly's Rap" (Michaela Dietz)  1:33
8. "In the House" (Scott Krippayne, Felicia Barton)Spencer Sutherland 2:00
9. "Poodlewold"    2:06
10. "Dogs Are Out For Summer Sun" (Josh Brener, Michaela Dietz)  2:07
11. "World Wide Woof"    0:40
12. "Doomsday Tuesday"    1:18
13. "Hunter’s Sky Dive"    1:16
14. "Dig Dig Dig!"    2:14
15. "Ransom Pups"    1:29
16. "Da Vinci (Part 1)"    1:25
17. "Da Vinci (Part 2)"    1:30
18. "Diamond Dogs"    2:23
19. "Alien Carnival"    1:32
20. "Snow Party"    1:45
21. "Merry Pups"    1:45
22. "Mr. Fuzzy"    1:41
23. "Dylan In Space"    1:27
24. "It's a Prank" (Kyle Soller, Lauren Donzis, Abigail Zoe Lewis)  0:44
25. "We’re Sending You Love"    1:07
26. "The Prince of Dalmatia"    1:35
27. "It's a Dog's Life" (Celica Gray)Doug Petty, Paula Winger 1:02



  • The album is the first time that a Disney animated show gets a full soundtrack for a season.

ve Songs
Theme songs "I Got My Pups with Me" • "It's a Dog's Life"
In-universe songs "Anniversary Song" • "Cruella De Vil" • "Dolly Dilly Dog Doo" • "It's a Prank" • "Dogs Are Out for Summer Sun" • "We Got This"
Promotional songs "In the House"