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A Summer to Remember

"A Summer to Remember" is the second two-part special of 101 Dalmatian Street, serving as the 25th and 26th episodes of the series. It was the 23rd and 24th episodes released first being aired in France on August 28, 2019 and then finally aired in the UK on September 7, 2019.


The family takes a holiday at Cornwall. However, it isn't an ordinary holiday, as a lot trouble happens, like going to the wrong direction, finding pirate treasure in a dangerous cave, the bus being pushed into the sea, and being stuck at sea when a storm is around.


Part 1

Protagonists Dolly and Dylan start off the summertime special with a musical number called "Summer Sun." They, along with the Dalmatian family, sings this song on a bus until the dalmatians arrive at their destination: Cornwall. At the end of the bus ride, Dylan catches his eyes on a slim and casual-seeming female dog with with fluffy neck fur, light blue eyes, and a bushy tail. Dolly is expecting sunny weather with surfing and beach play when unfortunately a thunderstorm came out of nowhere. Dylan is excited because he is getting "a shower while getting ready at the same time." A random seagull approaches Dylan and asks for his chips. Dylan says no, but the seagull grabs his bag of supplies anyway. Dylan is as well annoyed at the 'locals.' The strong wind accompanied by the rain knocks Dylan's half-set up tent, having both Dylan and the tent fly about in the air. The female dog now known as a Border Collie sits next to Dolly and takes a bit of amusement in Dylan's preoccupied antics.

Dylan finds heavyweight objects and plots them down on the corners of the tent to secure it. He hops in the tent and the rain stops just then, much to his annoyance. The dalmatian pups and the female Border Collie skip out of the bus, happy that the storm has stopped. Dylan is looking at his map when the Border Collie intervenes a chat with Dylan. She says that the spots on Dylan's ear resemble the constellation of Canis Major, the Dog Star. Dylan does agree, much to Dolly's rude interruption of jeering 'Ooh, barf alert!' Dylan gets embarrassed and continues talking with the she-dog about Canis Major. The Border Collie leans in a little and narrows her eyes. Dylan takes that as her being slightly irritated or suspicious, when she was really going to point out a wasp on his nose.

Dylan yells in fear at the wasp and runs all around the area of their destination. The Border Collie laughs at him once more. Dylan's running causes a tent to knock over, revealing Doug and Delilah who were about to kiss. He dashes past Dante, Dolly, and the Border Collie only to bump into a cow's rump. Dante is suspicious about the cow, like of as he his of usually everything. Dylan reassures Dante yet doesn't finish his sentence because of offending the cow by saying that they are super dumb. Dolly and the Border Collie strut off, commenting on Dylan's attitude in disbelief and amusement. Dylan thinks the cow doesn't even understand him by attempting to speak to the cow slowly. He asks "do you speak dog?" The cow responds by mooing absentmindedly. The cow is kidding and really does know how to talk to Dylan and other animals. Dylan tells the cow he and his family are from Camden Town in London in that same slow tone. The cow short reply is followed by getting smacked by a bunch of toys from the dalmatian pups. Dylan casually apologizes for his siblings and resumes to tracking down the beach.

Bessie growls low and menacing and Dante realizes. Frightened, he warns Dylan of her. Bessie quickly changes her face and points to where to a so-called shortcut to the beach. She is referring to a rocky, steep alley with sharp debris of nature, leafless and lifeless trees, and fog for special effect. Dylan does not seem intimidated by the alley and leads his family to the ominous path. As they go down the path, Summer corrects them after Dylan makes several wrong turns.

They all manage to make it to the beach where Doug and Delilah attempt to have alone time together, but are constantly interrupted. Dolly meets a Doberman named Spike who she immediately falls in love with while Dylan "rescues" Dorothy from a seagull named Chips. Dante arrives telling him that Dizzy and Dee Dee are lost in a cave, having been sent their by Bessie when she told them they could find pirate treasure there. Dylan, Dante and Summer head to the cave and manage to find Dizzy and Dee Dee and rescue them with Summer's help. Dylan apologizes for his early behavior towards her and she accepts. They return to the bus with Bessie surprised that they are all still alive. At night, everyone is asleep on the bus except Dylan, Summer, Dolly and Spike who are out looking at the moon. The bus suddenly rolls down the hill and begins hanging from a cliff.

Part 2

The bus continues to hang and Doug and Delilah decide to jump off with a life raft so that the bus can even out. They do so and the puppies are saved with Doug and Delilah using the raft to land on a small island just off shore. They attempt to use this opportunity to finally have some alone time, but a rain storm suddenly approaches. Realizing that they will be caught up in a flood, Dolly and Spike decide to take a boat just down below to the island. However, Bessie broke a hole in the bottom and the boat sinks as they Dolly and Spike get close to the small island, trapping them too. Dolly begs Dylan to rescue them as Doug begins to embarrass her by talking to Spike. Dylan, Dawkins and Summer decide to tie a rope at the lighthouse with Chips tying the other end on the island, making Dylan realize the he is not bad.

Dylan finally ties his tent to the rope and ride down to the island so that he can open it and fly everyone off of it using the wind from the rainstorm. They succeed, but the rope snaps, sending them all flying high into the clouds and past the thunder and lightning. They manage to fly back down towards the lighthouse and everyone is safe. Later that night they celebrate together knowing that the dalmatians have to return the next day. Dylan and Dolly promise to see Summer and Spike again. Dylan simply pats Summer on the nose while Dolly gets a lick from Spike. As the dalmatians head back to Camden, Dylan sees Bessie glare at him for the first time and realizes she was behind their misfortune. Dante explains "I told you so" as they all head back home.


International release

Country Airdate Time Language version
1280px-Flag of France.svg.png France August 28, 2019 10:15 (UTC+02:00) French
1280px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg.png Luxembourg
800px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg.png Switzerland
1200px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png United Kingdom September 7, 2019 07:00 (UTC+01:00) English
1200px-Flag of Ireland.svg.png Ireland
1280px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Germany October 7, 2019 17:30 (UTC+02:00) German
1280px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Austria
1280px-Flag of Liechtenstein.svg.png Liechtenstein
1280px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg.png Luxembourg
800px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg.png Switzerland
1200px-Flag of Italy.svg.png Italy October 19, 2019 (part 1)
October 20, 2019 (part 2)
09:30 (UTC+02:00) (parts 1 & 2) Italian
800px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg.png Switzerland
Flag of Russia.png Russia October 26, 2019 12:00 (UTC+10:00) Russian
12:00 (UTC+07:00)
12:00 (UTC+05:00)
12:00 (UTC+03:00)
1280px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg.png Czechia November 9, 2019 06:00 (UTC+01:00) Czech
1920px-Flag of Hungary.svg.png Hungary Hungarian
1200px-Flag of Poland.svg.png Poland Polish
1200px-Flag of Bulgaria.svg.png Bulgaria Bulgarian
900px-Flag of Romania.svg.png Romania Romanian
1920px-Flag of Moldova.svg.png Moldova
1280px-Flag of Portugal.svg.png Portugal November 15, 2019 European Portuguese
1280px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Netherlands November 15, 2019 (part 1)
November 16, 2019 (part 2)
10:30 (UTC+01:00) Dutch
Southeast Asia November 23, 2019 10:30 (UTC+09:00)
09:30 (UTC+08:00)
08:30 (UTC+07:00)
09:30 (UTC+07:00) Vietnamese (subtitles)
1024px-Flag of Denmark.svg.png Denmark November 30, 2019 10:00 (UTC+02:00) (part 1)
09:00 (UTC+01:00) (part 1)
10:20 (UTC+02:00) (part 2)
09:20 (UTC+01:00) (part 2)
Finland Finnish (subtitles)
1200px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Norwegian
1280px-Flag of Sweden.svg.png Sweden Swedish
Estonia English
Flag of Brazil.png Brazil December 10, 2019 (part 1)
December 11, 2019 (part 2)
12:30 (UTC-02:00) (parts 1 & 2)
11:30 (UTC-03:00) (parts 1 & 2)
10:30 (UTC-04:00) (parts 1 & 2)
09:30 (UTC-05:00) (parts 1 & 2)
Brazilian Portuguese
Mexico 12:00 (UTC-05:00) (parts 1 & 2)
11:00 (UTC-06:00) (parts 1 & 2)
10:00 (UTC-07:00) (parts 1 & 2)
09:00 (UTC-08:00) (parts 1 & 2)
Latin American Spanish
Flag of Japan.png Japan February 9, 2020 10:30 (UTC+09:00) Japanese
Hong Kong February 14, 2020 18:30 (UTC+08:00) English
Taiwan Mandarin
1280px-Flag of Israel.svg.png Israel March 1, 2020 17:00 (UTC+02:00) Hebrew
1125px-Flag of Spain.svg.png Spain April 8, 2020 18:10 (UTC+02:00) (part 1)
17:10 (UTC+01:00) (part 1)
18:22 (UTC+02:00) (part 2)
17:22 (UTC+01:00) (part 2)
European Spanish
1280px-Flag of Andorra.svg.png Andorra

Names in other languages

  • Bulgarian: Запомнящо се лято
  • Cantonese: 夏天美好回憶
  • Czech: Nezapomenutelné léto
  • Danish: En mindeværdig sommer
  • Dutch: Een zomer zonder zorgen
  • Finnish: Ikimuistoinen kesä
  • French: Un été mémorable
  • German: Familienurlaub
  • Hebrew: קיץ שלא יישכח
  • Hungarian: Napsugaras nyári emlék
  • Italian: Un'estate da ricordare
  • Japanese: 忘れられない夏
  • Mandarin: 夏天美好回憶
  • Norwegian: En sommer å minnes
  • Polish: Pamiętne lato
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): Férias Inesquecíveis
  • Portuguese (European): Um Verão para Recordar
  • Romanian: O vară de neuitat
  • Russian: Памятное лето
  • Spanish (European): Un verano para recordar
  • Spanish (Latin American): Un verano para recordar
  • Swedish: En minnesvärd sommar
  • Vietnamese: Mùa hè đáng nhớ


  • Originally, a prototype title card was made for the first part of the episode. The sky background is orange instead of blue, there is no hill that has the bus, Dolly is in a different pose, the straw hat Dylan is wearing is bigger, the grass is taller, the text of the title is now yellow, expect for the Part One text witch is green instead of white, the credits text is black instead of white and director of this episode is uncredited.
    • It is possible that Miklós Weigert (the series director) was originally going to direct the episode, but was later replaced by Frédéric Martin the last minute.
  • Dylan breaks the 4th wall when he tells Dolly they do not have time for a song. Dante also breaks the 4th wall when he says "Previously, on 101 Dalmatian Street".
  • This marks the first appearances of various characters - Spike, Summer, Bessie and Chips.
  • The way of how Doug and Delilah felt unamused in the Dogs Are Out For Summer Sun musical number is that their mouths look very similar to how Popuko and Pipimi's mouths look and move in Pop Team Epic.
  • The actual episode title and number were not given until it was confirmed on Twitter via the Dogs Are Out For Summer Sun getting copyrighted on YouTube.
  • The placement of this episode is very sloppy. It was produced as the 29th and 30th episodes in the series (and aired as such internationally, except France and Belgium). In the UK, it would instead air as the 25th and 26th episodes. It is unknown why though. This was also the 23rd and 24th episodes released worldwide, being aired in France and Belgium on August 28, 2019 as it aired as the 21st and 22nd episodes in those countries. The original production numbers in airing were taken over by another special, "London, We Have a Problem".
    • Reruns (at least in the UK and Ireland) put this episode back in production order when airing.
      • It is also the first episode where the UK airing number doesn't match with the production number. Also Disney+ lists this episode as the 13th half-hour (possibly because the episode list from the service lists the episodes in the half-hour format in the airing order).
  • This is the first two-part special to air in its entirety. The previous one "The Nose Job" aired separately in two days next to each other.
  • This is the first episode to be directed by Frédéric Martin.
  • In Southeast Asia, an instance of Dylan saying "dude" to Dante was censored by trimming.


A summer To Remember Part 1
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