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"Who the Dog Do You Think You Are?"
All Fired Up

"Walkies on the Wild Side"

The episode starts with Doug coming home and having the pups all dog pile on him. He officially announces that tomorrow is Bring-your-kid-to-work day. All pups are eager to go with him to his job, except for Dylan, who claims his time as Dylan-Day. Doug becomes briefly overwhelmed by the pups and admits that there is only room for one. He however finds a way to choose one by random sorts. He spins some balls that dogs use in the laundry machine. Once Dawkins presses a button from his handy skills, a ball with a certain name of one of the pups rolls out. And that pup is Dolly! Dolly becomes overjoyed to be the one to experience her father's job as a canine firefighter.

The next day. Doug calls Dolly down to his job. Dolly eagerly arrives, this time in her firefighter costume. She is wearing a firefighter cape, a firefighter helmet, boots, and an aviator's hat. She is more excited than ever during her way to the fire station, expecting fire-fighting thrills. When Doug and her finally visit the fire station, she tries to keep up with him yet keeps on getting distracted by the fire pole, coats and helmets, profiles of past firefighters, etc. She eventually meets the head of the fire department, Captain Walker. However, Dolly's expectations are not met when Captain Walker reveals herself as a boring, seemingly middle-aged woman. Dolly tries to get her attention when she gets to work, but Captain encourages her to fetch so she can get to her business and presentation.

Meanwhile, Dylan is trying to relax on 'Dylan-Day,' although struggles to because of the pups not being kept under control. He plots on going to his tree house and leaving the pups in their state. Dolly is unimpressed by the workers just staring at the presentation and questions her father about the action, the gear, and a real fire. Doug replies to her that they usually do not want that to occur. Dolly becomes a bit distrustful of her father and she causes Doug to make his puppy eyes at her. Dolly tries to prevent making Doug feel bad, so she starts to make a montage with an 80's soundtrack, claiming she is about to rock his world. In the montage, she does behave mischievously and eagerly, such as causing the men and her father to chase her constantly, stealing a certain gadget, tempting the men to climb the ladder and slide down the pole. She also imitates the fire bell for fun and startles the crew by howling, jumping on a pattern of helmets, jumping on firetrucks, and taunting the firemen on the trampoline while still holding the gadget. The firefighters are exhausted and pile on, Doug included, and Dolly ends the firefighter montage with a howl of triumph.