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"The Longest Night"
Balancing Act

"Dawkins Strikes Back"

It is a rainy day outside and Dolly is entertaining not just herself, but the pups by skateboarding around the house. However, she shreds Doug's face off of the family portrait with her skateboard. Dylan is cleaning around the house when he almost accidentally vacuums the remains of paper showing Doug's face. When Delilah enters the room, she thinks Dylan purposely vacuumed Doug's face off the picture. Dylan is frustrated at Dolly for carelessly ripping a piece of the portrait and Delilah blamed him for that. The rain stops, and the pups go outside to play. When Dolly is jumping on her trampoline, a crane carrying a large metal box suddenly hovers over the neighborhood. All the pups stare at the thing in awe. Dolly sees the box as the "ultimate climbing challenge." Reasonably, Dylan knows Dolly's idea is not going to go well. Dolly makes leaps and bounds on objects of the dalmatian's property until she runs on the surface of the crane. Dolly lands on the box and the pups applaud for her. Suddenly, the construction worker inside the machine pulls a lever, causing the box moves higher and higher.

Dolly takes no notice of the danger and risk she is getting into until there is a clang from the machine. The construction worker takes a break from his duty. The box moves back and forth and Dolly dangerously slips on the edges. The motion of the box even breaks into houses and neighborhood property. Dylan and Dawkins call Doug for help using the World Wide Woof. However, Doug is listening to a video with headphones in the fire station, blocking out the World Wide Woof. The box is still swinging back and forth. Dylan encourages Dolly so stay still to reduce the risk of damage.

Dolly is getting bored to sleep when Dylan is reading space facts to her. She slips to the edge of the box when she falls asleep. Dylan tries other things to keep Dolly collected, such as reviewing next week's cleaning schedule and trying to speak "skate." Dolly then laughs at him, which causes her to again slip to the edge of the crate. Then Dolly is hungry, and it doesn't help when Clarissa tantalizes her when she receives a big, juicy steak from her owner. She throws the steak at Dolly, causing her to run on the crate. Dolly misses the piece of steak, unfortunately, and the crate crashes into Clarissa's window.

Dylan decides to use DJ for backup. The music is calming, but too calming because it is lulling Dolly to sleep. She slips on the edge of the crate. DJ switches the music to energizing techno, waking Dolly up. Dolly and Dylan are screaming in panic because of her dangling right off the edge of the crate. Meanwhile, Constantin has called officer Pearl to witness the damage the swinging crate has done to his property. Then it starts to rain. The rain makes the surface of the crate more slippery, making climbing on top harder for Dolly. Using a trampoline and wearing an astronaut helmet, Dylan sets himself onto the opposite edge of the crate.

Dolly finally confesses that she ripped Doug's face off of the family portrait making an angry Dylan blaming her. Meanwhile, the construction worker returns and goes back to work on the machine. Dolly makes other confessions to Dylan and apologies to him for taking a rap for those things from him while the crate is being lowered in the rain. Dylan soon forgives Dolly for letting him take the blame of those situations and the latter finally promises to be a better sibling. They finally hold paws just when the crate touches the ground. Doug arrives home and wonders what happened to his face in the portrait. Dolly jokes about who would do such a thing before giggling and running away mischievously.