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"Dante's Inferno"
Better the De Vil You Know

"The De Vil Wears Puppies"

The Dalmatian family is watching a late night horror movie, Doug yawns sayings that it's time for the pups to go to bed and soon praises Dylan and Dolly for being brave and protective of their younger siblings. Delilah agrees with Doug and also comments how they amazingly send Hunter away while remebering the scene of how Dylan dog rolled to the net gun. Dylan blames himself for almost getting everyone caught by Hunter and if they did get captured, Dylan would be the one to take responsibilty. Dolly gives a sincere advice to Dylan not to beat himself up which Dylan felt comforted and smiled by her words, but that smile soon dissappears when Dolly states that it is her job to beat him up. All the pups went to their beds and the only ones that were up were Dylan, Deedee and Dizzy. Dylan is located ourside the bedroom watching his mother tucking in Dizzy and Deedee to bed. Dizzy and Deedee were still giggling to go to bed and ask their mother if Mr.Funny Face will come back, to which Delilah responded that it was sleepytime. Dizzy and Deedee both sprang up bouncing proclaiming that they are too excited to sleep and before they could finish their sentence, they both fell alseep together side-by-side. Delilah smiles at the two pups with relief that all of them are safe, Dylan enters and promises her that he will not lose focus again with a determined and assertive tone.

Lighthing flashes across the dark sky and thundering sounds boom near a skyscraper where only red light illuminated the top floor windows. Hunter opens his laptop, he immediately calls his great-aunt Cruella de Vil. He instantly gets excited that his great-aunt answered his phone call and gave a wide smile while she was fawning over him for being her favorite grand-nephew. Hunter quitely corrects her that he is her only grand-nephew in which Cruella snaps at him to be quite. Cruella ask Hunter if he got something for her in which Hunter replies that it's been a while from their last communication, six months to be exact. Cruella replies that she hasn't noticed about his absence but she is keenly aware that she was still missing one puppy fur coat. Cruella describes her dream puppy fur coat with deep pleasure of how soft, sleek, and silky Dalmation fur is, she questioned Hunter if he has already obtained it which Hunter meekly responds to her with a no. Cruella boomingly says how useless he is since he couldn't get the job done properly. Cruella continues to roar at him that she wants that coat, she craves for it, she must be fur-licious forever. Cruella orders him to go forth and to not fail her again. Hunter's eyes are rimmed with tears and Cruella ends that call once she has given him orders. Hunter composes himself and speaks determinedly to Cuddles that it is time war, hashtag "Fur-licious Forever".

A black car passes by revealing the Dalmatian's home, Doug lays out a plan since there is a De Vil on the loose and the family must be super vigilant, he offers to be on watch first. He heads towards the roof of the home while getting himself equipt with his firefighter helmet and firehose. The moment he reaches the ledge of the roof, he declared that no De Vil will be getting in with Wonder Woof on the case, Delilah hears him and laughs. Dylan is deep in his sleep dreaming; unfortunately, he is tossing and turning due to his dreams plagued with nightmares of Hunter hunting his family down. He soon wakes up after Hunter's villainous laughter. Unable to sleep, Dylan heads up to check on his father who is on first watch and Dylan, unsurprisingly, finds him asleep. Dylan quitely takes over the shift with his trusty telescope, leaving his father asleep. After a few hours into the shift, Dylan began to nod off, he accidently nod onto the edge of the telescope which it tilted up before rotating down towards Dylan's head. Dylan let out a yowl into the night sky; fortunately, his painful remark has not awaking anybody from their slumber, not even his father. Dylan stayed up all night and the sun rises up, his mother comes up to the roof expecting her husband, not her son, to be on shift. Doug wakes up from his sleep after hearing Delilah, he immediately tries to make an excuse of what happened but miserably fails; however, Dylan slides in the conversation, saving his father's skin, that they were working together on shifts which Doug immediately agrees. Delilah began to be suspecious but the doorbell rang before she could finish her thoughts. Dylan immediately ran down stairs, assuming that it may be Hunter waiting behind that door, he exclaims to Dolly, who was near the door, to not open it up. Dolly looks at Dylan and ignores him since he was being paranoic, and assures him that it is only the postman and that he need to chill. She proceeds to open the door with the digital paw panel while Dylan still rushes to the door explaining to Dolly that they could never be sure of that. The moment the door unlocks, Hunter slammed the door open while holding an empty box that is large enought to capture one of them. Dylan skids to a stop while reciting, "He is back!". (To be Continued)