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Catatonia is the main setting in the Poodlewolf franchise. It is a magical and semi-medieval fantasy kingdom populated mainly by cats.

It's peaceful and idyllic rule under the Cat Princess was shattered when the wicked Lord Furball used the stolen Golden Chewtoy to banish the princess in the form of a dog and usurped her throne for himself. As a result, the cats of Catatonia suffer under Lord Furball's rule.

The adventurer, Poodlewolf, as well as his companions, has traveled to Catatonia to help its princess and save its people.

The mentioned location of Caninia is presumably a neighbor to Catonia.

Places within

Towers of Catatonia

The Towers of Catatonia is a beautiful castle that floats in the sky. Once it was the Cat Princess's home, but currently it is inhabited by Lord Furball and his followers.

The castle is an extremply iconic part of the franchise and is used as both the title screen of the virtual reality game and the cover of the board game.

Known inhabitants


  • Cat Princess - The exiled Princess turned into a dog.
  • Lord Furball - Tyrant of Catatonia.
  • Paw the Mighty - Barbarian follower of Furball.
  • Cat peasants - The common and ordinary citizens of the kingdom.


  • Poodlewolf - A visiting warrior here to save the Kingdom.
  • Inventicus - An inventor who arrived with Poodlewolf.
  • Han the Handsome - A handsome companion of Poodlewolf.
  • Were Chihuahua - Hostile Chihuahuas in Arcane Armor who work for Furball.


  • Dragon - A ferocious dragon.
  • She-Troll - A terrifying troll. During a gameplay sessions of the boardgames, a photograph of Clarissa was used to portray the troll.