Clarissa Corgi is a female Corgi dog and an antagonist character of 101 Dalmatian Street. She is the neighbour of the Dalmatian family and is looked after by her owner, Hugo. She is envied by Dylan as her human does all the chores.


Clarissa is a bossy, self-centered individual who does all that she can to be top dog. She is obsessed with being as posh and 'royal' as possible which can lead to some manipulative schemes.


Physical Appearance

She has a stereotypical corgi fawn coat but a beige secondary colour instead of the normal white. She has brown ears with pink insides and a spot next to her right eye. She also wears a magenta collar with white studs.



Hugo is Clarissa's owner, but the fact is that they act in inversed roles, like if she's Hugo's owner. Hugo serves even the smallest of Clarissa's wishes, and spoils her rotten.


Clarissa shows an interest in marrying Dylan in the episode "Who the Dog Do You Think You Are?", but just because she confuses him with a prince, and she plans to use him in her desire of being part of the royalty.

Upon realizing Dylan wasn't royalty at all, she was horrified that she'd wedded a "commoner" and shredded all copes of their marriage license and returned to her home.


In each episode in where Clarissa and Dolly interact, the contempt between they two are more than evident. Clarissa dislikes Dolly's lack of manners and her commoner heritage, whereas Dolly dislikes Clarissa's superiority airs.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Danish Maja Iven Ulstrup
English Harriet Carmichael
French Marcha Van Boven
Polish Izabella Bukowska-Chądzyńska
Portuguese (Brazil) Jennifer Gouveia
Portuguese (Europe) Sofia Cruz
Spanish (Latin America) Lourdes Arruti

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: 卡麗莎 (Kǎlìshā)
  • Greek: Κλαρίσσα (transcription: Klaríssa)


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