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Constantin is an Asian cat and recurring character in 101 Dalmatian Street. He is the Dalmatians' next door neighbor.


Constantin appears to be a cat obsessed with Asian Culture, often seen meditating to a Japanese Lucky Cat Statue, to which he refers to as "Great Guru Miaow" and throwing a Japanese themed cat-party in his backyard.

He seems show some disdain for his neighbors, the Dalmatians, for being loud and rowdy, as well as the obvious cat and dog dynamic. However, unlike Clarissa, he tolerates them to a degree, at least to the point he doesn't plots against them.

The exception to his disdain toward dogs is Deepak , who follows the same meditation school as Constantin (The Great Guru Meow), and acts like his protégé. He seems to have common ground with Hansel, as he has seen coming to his aid when he was chased by dogs, and they seem to take yoga sessions at the pet spa.

Dylan seems to strike on his nerves the most, either because of his allergies acting up whenever they interact (often sneezing right in his face), his lack taste of culture, or how most of Dylan's actions, no matter how indirect, end horrible for him, such as when he accidentally set fire to his backyard party when his telescope reflected sunlight on some origami swans.


Physical Appearance

Constantin is a cat with blue-grey colored fur. He has thick white eyebrows and white fur going from his muzzle down to his chest and along his stomach.

In Concept art, Constantin would've been a black and white cat but it was unknown if his fur color was changed during production or it would've been his original fur color.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Danish Josef Aarskov
English Rufus Jones
Indonesian Nanang Kuswanto
Polish Robert Tondera




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