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Cuddles is a male cat and the tertiary antagonist in the first season of 101 Dalmatian Street. He is Hunter's cat and sidekick.


At first glance, Cuddles looked like any close sidekick, in this case, he was always seen with Hunter. He is also known to be stealthy, able to sneak into the Dalmatian family's house. However, it turns out that he is treacherous and cowardly, willing to give up on Hunter when Cruella turned on the latter. In "The De Vil Wears Puppies", Hunter chased Cuddles like an annoyed dog in their final scene.

As such it is unknown if Cuddles is still Hunter's pet.

Physical Appearance

Cuddles is a sphynx cat who is skinny and has no hair, he's pink with a grey spot on his left eye and ear.


He is the only animal in the show to not have the ability to talk, instead only communicating through normal cat noises be it toward humans or quadrupedal.


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