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D.J. Dalmatian is a male dalmatian dog and one of the main characters of 101 Dalmatian Street. He is one of the 98 other siblings among Delilah and Doug. He is a music lover.[1]

Physical appearance

D.J. has white fur with black spots. Both his ears are black with a single white spot near the tip, and two black spots on his forehead. He usually wears his red headphone set, and his collar is red with a square, black medal with a white circle inside.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Danish Josef Aarskov
English Maxwell Apple
Portuguese (Europe) Alexandre Carvalho
Spanish (Latin American) Brandon Santini


D.J's design had gone through numerous changes. Most concept art, and even what appeared to be a demo model, shows him with a much different shaped head and his collar having the shape of a music note. Some head designs have him with what appears to be Airpods in his left ear instead of headphones, along with a circular black shape around his right eye. One of them even seems to show him with a not on his right ear. Soon, however, his head shape was changed, along with his ears. While some other designs have his headphones connected to his collar, this was axed, and we reached the final design we all know and love.



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