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Da Vinci

Da Vinci Dalmatian is a female Dalmatian dog and one of the main characters of 101 Dalmatian Street. She is one of the 98 other siblings among Delilah and Doug. She is an artist.[2]


Da Vinci is a sensitive artist who's very passionate about doing art. She is shown to be very easily overwhelmed in large crowds and seems to suffer from anxiety, often shying away from attention.

Physical Appearance

Da Vinci has white fur speckled with black spots as well as orange, red, pink, purple and blue paint splotches to reflect her tendency to paint frequently enough for it to be stained into her fur. She also wears a pink bandanna around her neck. Her left front paw is stained pink while the right is purple, and her tongue was pink but became the color blue starting with "The Woof Factor".


  • Da Vinci is named after Leonardo da Vinci, a Renaissance artist.
  • Several dubs give her a male voice, probably because she's mistaken for a male there. Examples include European Spanish, Danish, and European Portuguese.
  • In early episodes her tongue is the normal pink color. Including " The Dog House " likely to do with the episodes being released out of continuity order. But starting with " The Woof Factor " onwards its color is changed to blue.
  • In Doggy Da Vinci, she is shown to have schizophrenia for every time she gets stressed her mind gets fogged up, voices echo, and her vision warped.
  • On her plush toy she doesn't have the extra layer of eye rim present on her left eye.
  • The black spot which is located next to her right eye has a tendency to be missing in-between scenes which is an animation error.
  • Her face pattern resembles Patch as they both have a big black spot around their right eye. However her spot is bigger reaching to the corner of her head and beyond level of the eyebrows.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Danish Christian Damsgaard
English Akiya Henry
Italian Silvia Barone Most of the appearances
Veronica Cuscusa "Who the Dog Do You Think You Are?"
Spanish (Latin American) Mariana Ortiz

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: 達文西 (Dáwénxī)


Da Vinci had went through a couple of scrapped designs before reaching her final one. Some concept art shows her with much different looking heads, some where it seemed like she was suppose to be one of the younger pups. Her paint markings also changed many times. Most either had different colors, shapes (such as some looking like paw prints) or both. One design also made her wear a cap. Another also has her bandanna with a paw shaped marking. Getting closer to her final design, it seems like here final paint spots where changed last minute. The blue marking on the top of her head was a darker shade, the red marking on the back of her right ear was pink, her right eyebrow, orange mark on her left ear and her entire right hand was green, and two of her teeth were stained with green paint, which seemed to have been scrapped in place of her blue tongue, which wasn't added until "The Woof Factor" as it was the standard pink color in "Who The Dog Do You Think You Are?", "Poetry Scam", and "The Dog House". What had caused these last minute changes are unknown.



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