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We gotta get home for dinner!
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Dolly is pretending she is speeding down a ramp at 500 miles per hour on her skateboard. She aces a ramp which, to her imagination, anyone who crossed the ramp has never made it alive. Her imagination shows that Dolly shot up so high she could see the curvature of earth. Dylan brings her back to reality with humor in his expression. The audience watching Dolly show off other than the dalmatian pups is Roxy and a beat boxing pigeon, who now just flew away. He further reasons that science is based on factual evidence instead of silly, idealistic stories and also gives criticism to Dawkins, saying "I think I took you as a dog of science." He lures his sidekick to look for intelligent life forms with a hint of sarcasm. Dolly and Dawkins both think Dylan is just annoying, when Roxy compares to how people are pretending to be aliens. Dolly and Dawkins get an idea from the people playing in alien costumes, claiming they will "give Dylan intelligent life forms" with the Grinch look plastered on their faces.