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Delilah Dalmatian is a British[2] female Dalmatian dog and one of the main characters of 101 Dalmatian Street. She is the great-great-granddaughter of Pongo and Perdita[3]. She's married to Doug, and together they have 99 puppies from previous marriages, including Dylan and Dolly.[4] She is a nurse and can diagnose by scent.[5]


Delilah is a warm, loving mother to her children and wife to her American husband, though she is decisively the firmer parent as Doug tends to be a little too emotional. She places a great amount of trust and expectations in her oldest son and daughter, Dylan and Dolly, to care for their younger siblings while she and Doug are away at their jobs.

A little similar to her son, Dylan, Delilah can be just a little uptight. Such as when she took charge of prepping the pups for a snow day and snapping at Dolly for waking her up and upsetting her allergies (not realizing Dolly had only been trying to give her a Mother's Day surprise).

Even so, she is a loving and protective mother, as she stood up for Dolly at the pet spa, and they made amends over their misunderstanding.

Physical Appearance

Delilah has white fur with black spots, but much like her son Dylan, one of her ears is black with white spots. She also wears a purple and green collar with a rectangular shape attached to it.


In some early concepts, Delilah was planned to have an appearance almost identical to Perdita. Whether or not she was planned to be Perdita before being altered is not known at this time. The concept art also shows that she would have worn a fob watch on her collar, rather than the tag she has in the show.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
English Ella Kenion
French Sophie Landresse
German Silvia Mißbach
Hungarian Ágnes Bertalan
Indonesian Ajeng Atmakusuma
Italian Gilberta Crispino
Japanese Sakurako Kanako
Norwegian Benedicte Søreng
Polish Magdalena Warzecha
Portuguese (Brazil) Izabel Lira
Portuguese (Europe) Susana Farrajota
Romanian Oana Mereuță
Spanish (Latin America) Rosalba Sotelo
Spanish (Spain) Catherina Martínez
Swedish Vivian Cardinal
Thai Sansanee Tinkeeradit


Names in other languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Perdita (earlier episodes only)
  • Chinese: 莉蒂雅 (Lìdìyǎ)


  • It's revealed that Delilah is the biological mother of Dylan, making it possible she was widowed or divorced before her marriage to Doug, and the step-mother of Dolly, despite the latter calling her Mum.
  • Earlier episodes of the Brazilian Portuguese dub changes her name to Perdita, her great-great-grandmother.



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