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Dimitri Trio

Dimitri 1, Dimitri 2 and Dimitri 3 Dalmatian are male Dalmatian dogs, triplets and are recurring characters of 101 Dalmatian Street. They're 3 of the 96 other siblings.

They bullied Deepak in "The Wow Of Meow" for following Guru Miaow as well as Constantin and the other cats over the wall which caused him to temporarily leave the family; They didn't seemed too bothered by his dismissal, but cheered for him when he came home and spat a hair ball. They threw a basketball at Dante and laughed along with the other Dalmatians. Though they became frightened of him along with the other pups once he got all happy with Hunter De Vil's return.


They love pulling pranks and getting in trouble. They go as far as to trying to physically assault the postman in "London, We Have a Problem" when he brings a package over to the front door. Like with most of the family they look down on cats, but they go the extra mile to harass and taunt; as they did with Constantin by throwing water at them as well as Deepak twice. In "The Dog House" Dimitri 1 is the only member of the trio not helping an unconscious Doctor Dave into the living room and instead is sitting on his butt eating the smashed pie from the hospital, in spite of the fact that the they were all in danger of being taken away from their home. This indicates that he is the laziest of the three and likes taking advantage of the family. Also he seems to have a habit of pulling on ropes in a tug-of-war, something his brothers seem to lack. However, despite their trickster attitudes, the trio are willing to help the family get out of trouble, although they mostly do it for the trill or chance of random destruction.

Physical Appearance

The trio have black markings on all their hind legs and waist, resembling pants, with white spots. They all have black ears, and dropped right ears, a forehead marking similar to a lightning. They all wear necklaces with their respective numbers in them. Dimitri 1 has cuts on his right ear and his left eye has a black spot, his left ear has one white spot. Dimitri 2's right eye has a black spot and his left ear has 2 white spots. Dimitri 3 has cuts on his right ear, both eyes have black spots and his left ear has 3 white spots. The patches on their eyes can also be translated to 1, 2 and 3 respectively in Binaire.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Danish Christian Damsgaard
English Rocco Wright
Polish Filip Rogowski
Spanish (Latin American) Mateo Suárez (Dimitri 1)
Sergio Barberi (Dimitri 2)
Agustín López (Dimitri 3)


  • Despite the Dimitris not being part of the main cast, they are sometimes seen in promotional material, have played prominent roles in numerous episodes (such as "The Wow of Miaow", "Fetch" or "Diamond Dogs"), and doesn't have the identical models of the other puppies.
  • His face pattern resembles Patch as they both have a big black spot around their right eye. Da Vinci has a similar physical trait. However unlike Patch the spot doesn't reach to his eyebrow.



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