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Dylan: Yah.
Dylan: Pow! POW! Cha-POW!
Dylan: Space junk, owned!
Dalmatian puppies: Haha. [Pups playing making more mess and making Dylan frowned]
Dolly: Haha, [Dylan looked at the source of laughter and notices that Dolly slides down on the banister] wahoo.
Dylan: Dolly, you are so not helping. [he says after Dolly jumps over him]
Dolly: What do you mean Dylan? I'm polishing the banisters. Oh, I missed a spot. [Chuckle] Again.
Dolly: [All pups popped out to see what Dolly is doing in curiousity] Bow whacka wow!
Dylan: Wow, wait! [Sees Pup tsunami comin'] Aaa! [Quickly deflects it using a vaccum Cleaner as a shield he looked around and then with horrified expression turns to viewer and then pup tsunami appeared again then showing Dylan being tarnished by that pup tsunami]
Deliah: Good luck with the chores. Ok, I'm out to work.
Dolly: Bye mum.
Deliah: Busy night shift, Doug.
Doug: Worked like a dog.
Dylan: Dad.
Dizzy: Dad!
Dalmatian puppies: Dad!
Diesel: Dad!
Dee Dee: Dad!
Dalmatian puppies: Dad!
Dalmatian puppies: Dad!
Dalmatian puppies: Dad!
Deliah: See you.
Dalmatian puppies: Dad!
Dalmatian puppies: Dad!
Dalmatian puppies: Dad!
Dylan: Boy, I just cleaned.

Dylan: Ah
Dylan: Hmm?
Dylan: Wow, Clarissa's human is so well train. He does all the work. If only we had a pet.
Dee Dee: Hear that Dizzy?
Dizzy: Sure did, Dee Dee.
Dee Dee: So let get Dylan a pet.
Dizzy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Dizzy: But where?

Dee Dee: Ooh, here is perfect place.
Dizzy: The pet shop.
Dizzy: What solo that?
Waiter: Here is you black coffee.
Dee Dee: No.
Dee Dee: No way.
Social media user girl: Paw, pose, paw, pose, paw, pose, paw.
Dee Dee: Definitely not.
Dee Dee: That's one cute
Mr. Fuzzy: Uh, [quote needed]
Dee Dee: We'll take ya.
Dizzy & Dee Dee: (Barking)
Mr. Fuzzy: Hey, look at you to. So adorable. [quote needed]
Mr. Fuzzy: Ok, let's do it.

Dylan: Clear.
Dizzy: Dylan…
Dee Dee: …Open the door.
Dizzy: Dylan…
Dee Dee: …Open the door.
Dylan: Dizzy? Dee Dee?
Dizzy: Dylan…
Dee Dee: …Open the door.
Dizzy and Dee Dee: Tada
Dizzy and Dee Dee: Surprise.
Dylan: Aaaa!
Dizzy: It's your pet.
Dee Dee: You know, to do the work.
Dizzy: Can we keep him?
Dee Dee: Can we call him Mr. Fuzzy?