101 Dalmatian Street Wiki

"Long Tongue Day"
Doggy Da Vinci

"London, We Have a Problem"

The dalmatians are once again playing in the backyard when all of a sudden a crack begins to tear across the ground until it creates a "surprise window" in their brick wall. Dylan is shocked by the damage that has occurred and Dolly calls upon Triple-D to secure the money. Unfortunately, Destiny and Dallas have lost their voices while Déjà Vu got a "grooming fail". Snowball arrives with her owner Stanislav who is trying to sell his t-shirts to market. While Da Vinci is painting Triple-D, the Dimitri Trio slip on her paints and get the t-shirts coated in them. Da Vinci adds to the shirts; giving them a really cool design. As Stanislav sells the shirts, he is surprised by the reaction he is getting and manages to make a lot of money from them. Pleased with how they turned out, Snowball shares the profits with the dalmatians to fix their wall and Da Vinci proceeds to produce similar shirts for Stanislav to sell who claims that they came from a "mystery artist".

Soon, Da Vinci begins to feel tired and overworked. Dylan suggests that she study to improve her work while Dolly thinks that she should just "aim and splat". When Da Vinci suggests changing it up a little, Snowball tells her that people want the same thing. The negative attention causes Da Vinci to see everything as dark and shady and everyone as soulless beasts who bark orders at her. She is further demoralized when she is told that she is a mystery artist and leaves home. She hits the streets and continues to paint murals on brick walls everywhere. Her work is spotted by humans who later discover her and send her image all over the internet where it is seen by everyone including Hunter and his hairless cat Cuddles. Dylan and Dolly realize that Da Vinci is gone and rush out to look for her; leaving the other dalmatians to, poorly, handle production.

Da Vinci is discovered by Chandler who alerts the rest of the humans who begin to chase her. To Da Vinci, they resemble a giant black cloud of people who antagonize her. She gets chased through Camden's streets, personified as a labyrinth while Hunter and Cuddles watch from afar. Dylan and Dolly see Da Vinci's latest mural (Da Vinci in black surrounded by evil versions of them) and realize that they have been pushing her. They find and rescue her from the people and take her back home. After having the wall fixed, Dylan and Dolly let Da Vinci paint to her heart's content on it. Meanwhile, Hunter and Cuddles have taken the opportunity to locate the dalmatians home.