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[house party music playing]

Dimitri Trio: [chanting]

Dalmatians: [all laughing]

Diesel [offscreen]: Dig, dig, dig, dig.

Pigeon: [coos]

Diesel: Uh-oh.

Pigeon: [grunting] [coos]

[bricks crashing]

Dylan: Wah! There's a hole!

Dolly: Don't think of it as a hole so much as a surprise window.

Dylan: Yeah, or a massive construction bill! Oh...

Dolly: It's okay, we'll just book Triple D on a job.

Dylan: Uh, have you seen Triple D lately?

Destiny: [sneezes]

Deja Vu: Let me translate: Destiny and Dallas lost their voices. And I had a, uh... grooming fail. Ugh.

Snowball: Oh, it's a surprise window.

Dolly: Told ya. Hey, Snowball.

Snowball: [gasping]

[phone ringtone]

Stanislav: Hello, yes.

Snowball: We're selling t-shirts at market.

Da Vinci [offscreen]: Oh, wow.

Da Vinci: So sneezy and gross and beautiful and... real. I need to paint this.

[pups gasping]

Deja Vu: No pictures, Da Vinci. It's evidence.

Da Vinci: No, it's truth in black and white.

Dimitri Trio: [laughing]

Destiny: Ah... [sneezes]

Dimitri 1: Whoa!

Dimitri Trio: [screaming]

Dimitri 2: Whoa!

Dimitri 3: Whoa!

Stanislav: Hello, yes.

Dolly [whispering]: Snowball, distract.

Snowball: [barking]

Stanislav: Sweetie, what is it? Ugh!

Dylan: Da Vinci, the paint, do something!

Da Vinci: Hmm? [sighs]

Snowball: Wow, puppy's got talent!

Stanislav: Aww!

Woman: Ooh, designer t-shirts, how much?

Stanislav: Uh, 20?

Woman: A steal. These are just -- Aghh!

Man: The bomb! Please, say the artist is local.

Stanislav: Uh, sure, he is, uh, mystery guy.

Man: I'll take ten, no, 11.

Stanislav: Oh, yes.

Man: Tell me you're getting more!

Stanislav: Oh... uh, yes, but last one for you today, my friend, only 59.99 pounds.

Dolly: It's kinda growing on me.

Dylan: Ah!

Dawkins: Yes, definitely growing.

Dylan: Okay, we need cash to fix this. But, unfortunately, money doesn't just fall from the sky! Huh?

Snowball: T-shirt's a big hit, need more now.

Da Vinci: Humans connect with my vision! I've gotta get back to work.

[upbeat music (Da Vinci Part 1) playing]

[cash register rings]

[cash register rings]

Da Vinci: [sighs]

Dimitri Trio: [laughing]

Dimitri 2: Hey!

Destiny: Ah-ha, genius.

Dallas: Wonderfab.

Deja Vu: I knows what I likes.

Dylan: All right, so, Triple D may thing you're good, but if you wanna be the best, it's time to study: The Art of Leonardo, the Art of Ancient Greece, the art of a clean closet, wait, no, ignore that last one.

Dolly: Nah, you just gotta aim and splat.

Da Vinci: [sighs] Can't I do something different now?

Snowball: No, they just want this. Lots more of this, exactly the same.

Da Vinci: But the same is starting to hurt my soul.

Snowball: We can mix it up. I'm thinking tea towels, fridge magnets...,

Da Vinci: [sighs]

Snowball: ...toilet roll covers! Just keep artwork exactly the same.

Da Vinci: No, let's get down to what really matters.

Dylan: Being the best!

Dolly: Making a splash!

Snowball: The pipeline! I need 1,000 toilet roll covers now. Local mystery artist is a sellout. [gasps]

Stanislav: Come on, Snowball!

Da Vinci: Wait, mystery artist?

Snowball: Yeah, Stanislav thinks human makes all of these.

Da Vinci: But I made it!

Snowball: Who cares! You're getting paaiid!

Da Vinci: [whimpers]

Dolly: Yep, to splat.

Dylan: Nope, to study

Dylan and Dolly: Grrr.

[lively rock music playing]

Da Vinci: Put that on toilet roll covers.

Woman 1: Wow, that's amazing. It's a shame I can't fit the whole thin on screen.

Woman 2: Why don't you try looking without your phone in ya face?

Woman 1: You can do that?

[indistinct chatter]

[camera shutters]

Girl: [giggles]

Woman [on Hunter's phone screen]: Just who is this mysterious new street artist whose work I'm seeing literally everywhere? I want a pic of that person, people.

Hunter: Cuddles! Is it just me or am I seeing... spots? Hmm...

Dolly: And she can splat skateboards, skate helmets, knee pads...

Dylan: Any of your ideas not involve splatting or skating?

Dolly: Um... no.

Deja Vu: Bad news. Destiny's voice is back!

Destiny: Hey!

Deja Vu: [giggles]

Dolly: Any good news?

Destiny: Da Vinci broke the internet!

Dolly: Cool, but how'd she do that when she's right here?

Dylan and Dolly: Oh.

Dawkins: Okay, team. We've got to keep the production line going. How hard can it be?

[pups exclaiming]

Dawkins: Oh, Kibbles!

Man: Look, it's not even dry!

Da Vinci: [humming]

Woman: Is that a dog?

Da Vinci: [gasps]

Man: It does exude canine spirit.

Woman: No, a dog. Literally, a dog!

Man: Do dogs do art?

Da Vinci: [gasping}

Woman: Only one way to find out. Catch it!

Man: Yes, let's catch it!

Woman 1: Oh, boy, a dog artist. Roxy!?

Hunter: [laughs]

Woman 1: Picasso!?

Woman: Look at that dog!

Woman 3: Can you paint me a t-shirt?

Woman: Look, over there! There it is, get her! Down here! Drop! Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop.

Da Vinci: [panting] [grunting]

Woman: Labrador Dali! [echoing]

Hunter: Where'd the painty puppy go? Cuddles, find her. Find her, now!

Woman 1: Da Vinci! Yes, Da Vinci. Doggy Da Vinci! [echoes]

Woman: Get her!

Da Vinci: [gasps]

Humans [chanting]: Doggy Da Vinci! Doggy Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: [whimpers]

Humans [chanting]: Doggy Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: [panting]


Da Vinci: Nooo!

Dylan: How could she just walk away from her responsibilities like that?

Dolly: I know right? But maybe Dawkins' idea will work.

[puppies clamoring]

Dolly Where do you think she went?

Man: Oh, so canine! Like a great artist, Doggy Da Vinci!

Dylan: What? How do they know her name?

Dolly: Huh. Maybe humans aren't as dumb as we thought! Come on, lets follow 'em.

[Cuddles meowing]

Dolly: Uh-oh! Yikes! That's dark.

Dylan: Aw, do you think maybe we pushed her too hard? She is kinda sensitive.

Woman: Da Vinci! Doggy Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: Please, leave me alone.

Dolly: Da Vinci! Da Vinci, Over here!

Da Vinci: Dolly! Dylan! [whimpers]

Dolly: Da Vinci!

Dylan: Ah, gotcha!

Dolly: Oh, we're sorry, Da Vinci.

Dylan: We pushed you too hard.

Da Vinci: Does this mean I don't have to paint anymore t-shirts?

Dolly: Toilet roll covers, maybe.

Da Vinci: Dolly!

Cuddles: [meows]

Dolly [offscreen]: Hey, Da Vinci, come with us.

Dylan [offscreen]: We've got something to show you.

Dylan and Dolly [in unison]: Ta-da!

Da Vinci: It's a... blank wall?

[pups gasping]

Dylan: You see a blank wall. We see --

Dolly: A blank canvas!

Da Vinci: For me? To paint on?

Dolly: Splat your heart out.

Dylan: Uh, within reason!

Hunter: Good work, Cuddles. You found their dotty lair.