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Dolly Dalmatian is the female protagonist of 101 Dalmatian Street. She is one of the two eldest siblings among Delilah and Doug's puppies.[4][5] Both she and Dylan look after their younger siblings while their parents are busy at work.


Dolly is a tomboy and an Optimist[3] that loves to have fun all day long. She is not too strict with the pups and likes to test her limits on her fun ideas with the other pups, even though it can sometimes be dangerous, which causes Dylan to worry. She is more adventurous and outgoing than her brother, Dylan.

While Dolly tends to go behind or against Dylan's wishes, she is still a caring big sister to all their younger siblings and can be sufficiently responsible for watching out and caring for them.

Physical Appearance

Dolly has white fur with black spots, and wears three rings on her neck; one dark blue, one light blue, and one orange. She also has spots on her legs that resemble sport bands.

Dolly's right ear spots resemble her father's, whereas her ears and face structure somewhat resemble Delilah's, her step-mother.

In one of the images presented at the Annecy film festival panel, an early version of Dolly appears and has a light grey collar with a gold pendant and appears to have more spots around her body than usual.


In some early concepts for Dolly, she was only going to wear one collar, with a tag, instead of the three she wears in the show. Some of this concept art also shows that her ears and paws were originally going to be black instead of white with spots, and that she would wear a beanie on her head. According to storyboards of the pilot, she was also originally planned to be called "Daisy" before being renamed Dolly. The reason for this name change was that not only did "Daisy Dog" sound too close to "Daisy Duck", but the name "Dolly" was hilariously unfitting for the character and they fell in love with the contrast.



Dylan is Dolly's step-brother and closest sibling in age, as well as her partner in watching over all their younger siblings while their parents are away at work everyday. They bicker and disagree like most siblings do, especially since Dylan is a pedantic control freak while Dolly is a rebellious tomboy.

Despite this, they know when to come together for the sake of their siblings and often work well together in keeping their brothers & sisters safe and well cared for.

They have a close bond & mutual respect where it counts and appreciate each other.


Doug is Dolly's biological father. In All Fired Up it's clear that Dolly looks up to her dad as a hero and believes his job is action-packed. In A Summer to Remember, he embarrassed her in front of Spike by talking about an incident involving her before she was house trained.


Delilah is Dolly's stepmother. She seemed to have a somewhat strained relationship with her at first, but after bonding at the spa in Girls' Day Out, their relationship improved. She is close enough to Delilah that she calls her "Mum" and looks to her as a mother figure.

Dizzy and Dee Dee

Triple D





Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
English Michaela Dietz
Czech Marika Šoposká
Danish Sofie Topp-Duus
French Aaricia Dubois
German Esra Vural
Hebrew Maya Livni
Hungarian Boglárka Berkes
Indonesian Apriliana Suci Ariesta
Italian Monica Bertolotti
Japanese Ryoko Shiraishi
Korean Jung Yoo-jeong
Norwegian Malin Pettersen
Polish Ewelina Ruckgaber
Portuguese (Brazilian) Jullie
Portuguese (European) Rita Tristão
Romanian Anca Iliese
Spanish (Castilian) Vera Bosch
Spanish (Latin American) Dafne Gallardo
Swedish Carla Abrahamsen
Thai Quankamon Boonjub
Turkish Yasemin Ertorun

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: 桃莉 (Táolì)
  • Greek: Ντόλλυ (transcription: Ntólly)



  • In "Ride Along", after spending time with Pearl and realizing how cool being a police officer is, she wants to become one herself.
  • The Italian version of the show establishes that Dolly is the mascot of a local soccer team.[6]
  • Dylan and Dolly are the only characters that have appeared in every episode of the series and the shorts entitled Animals vs Humans.
  • Dolly's catchphrase "Bow-Whacka-Wow" is commonly used by her in the series and even has a line in the show opener.
  • There are some similarities towards Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls and Amethyst from Steven Universe.
    • For Mabel, both are adventurous and social. Both are playful and like to tease others, especially their brothers.
    • She is carefree thrill seeking, and haughty like Amethyst (who shares the same English voice actress as Dolly). Both are less organized and more focused on having fun. In the end they are protective of those they care about.
  • She is the only female dalmatian to have three string eyebrows similar to those of Dylan, Doug, Dawkins, and Deepak; albeit in scenes where she has high emotions such as anger, annoyance, vengeance, suspicion, determination, triumph, etc.
  • She is the dog on the kibble bags.


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