Dylan Dalmatian is a male Dalmatian dog and the protagonist of 101 Dalmatian Street. He is one of the eldest siblings among Delilah and Doug's puppies.[4][5] Both he and Dolly look after their younger siblings while their parents are busy at work.


Dylan is a pedantic control freak.[3] He tends to be the most responsible one in his family, contrasting Dolly's more adventurous personality. He's obssessed with space and wants to be the first dog on Mars. He likes writting poetry and collects dinosaur bones.


Dylan has white fur with black spots, his right ear is black with white spots that resembles Canis Major. He also wears a red collar with a gray star attached to it.


Language version Actors Notes
English Josh Brener
Danish Simon Nøiers
French Julien Besure
German Konrad Bösher
Hungarian Czető Roland
Italian Alessio De Filippis from 1st to 6th episode
Daniele Raffaeli from 7th episode
Norwegian Jon Bjørnstad
Polish Damian Kulec
Portuguese (Brazilian) Yan Gesteira
Portuguese (European) André Raimundo
Romanian Robert Dan Trifan
Spanish (European) Ramón de Arana
Spanish (Latin America) José Ángel Torres
Swedish Adam Portnoff


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  • In an early design, his head had a more block-like shape, and he looked more like an adult. He also had a yellow star instead of a gray one.
  • So far, he is the one that used the World Wide Woof signals the most in the series, along with Geoffrey, Hansel, and Snowball.

Names in other languages

  • Greek: Ντύλαν (transcription: Ntýlan)


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