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Fergus Fox is a recurring character on 101 Dalmatian Street.


Fergus is sneaky and cunning.

He's usually hanging out with Dylan and Dolly, who are probably their best friends. He shares Dolly's love for adventure and fun, but, on the other hand, even when he's very different to Dylan, he consider him one of his best friends and is usual to see them together.

Also, it's very common to see him with Big Fee and Sid, who form his gang.

Physical Appearance

Fergus is a teenager fox with orange and white fur, black "socks" and ears, and a fluffy tail in a more desaturated tone of orange and a white tip.

One of his personal marks is a golden fang, usually in the right side (but it changes of side with the camera view).


  • He usually calls Dylan by nicknames like "Dyl" or "D-dog".
  • Despite being a fox and not a dog, he has various dog-like traits. For example, he used the World Wide Woof in "Walkies on the Wild Side", and he was howling in "The Longest Night".
    • This is probably due to the fact that foxes are of distant relation to the domestic dog, as both are part of the Canidae order of biological classification.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Danish Josef Aarskov
English Conor MacNeill
Hungarian Károly Moser
Polish Karol Osentowski
Portuguese (Brazil) Eduardo Drummond
Portuguese (Europe) Peter Michael
Spanish (Latin America) Carlo Vázquez


Names in other languages

  • Chinese: 費格斯 (Fèigésī)
  • Greek: Φέργκους (transcription: Férnkous)
  • Spanish: Fergus Zorro


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