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"Walkies on the Wild Side"
May Contain Nuts

"Winter Funderland"

The episode starts with Delgado performing quick speedy nifty stunts in front of his spotted family and the other fellow dogs of Camden Town. Dolly tries her challenging 360-degree stunt to impress her friends, especially Hansel, her crush. Three dalmatian pups each wearing collars of different color act as cheerleaders for her. She is nervous to perform the stunt but successfully does it anyway. She is expecting an applause from her furry audience, but the entire group is all focused on another performist, Sid the squirrel. More than three random dalmatian pups acts as cheerleader pyramid now for Sid. All the dogs are watching Sid perform tricky stunts on oak tree. From a human's or racer's perspective, the scene is just a random pack of dogs yapping at a squirrel in the tree while he is trying to work in the park. Dolly becomes quite impressed by her moves and begs Sid to teach her some of his skills. She says so wants his moves so bad she will do literally ANYTHING for them. Dylan intervenes and claims that there is something sketchy about Sid and that he does not trust. Dolly, of course, thinks he is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Dolly is talking about Sid to her parents. Mother Delilah also agrees with Dylan and thinks he may be a bit dangerous. Dolly tries to ignore her statement and resumes chattering. Dylan requests to play famous doggy board game Poodle Wolf, but Dolly declines because she wants to hang with Sid. Sid and Dolly practice whopping stunts at the park during dusk. They slide through benches, flip off from poles, and jump in front of the moonlight. Sid ends the movement with grace while Dolly lands on her face clumsily. Dolly is woken up by Dylan and he reminds her again that Sid is a rat with a stupid, bushy tail, this time more skeptically. Dolly shows no belief whatsoever.

While Dolly is not looking, Sid tries to reach for a metal sensor in a building connecting to the Great London clock. He knows there is a galore of nuts inside the clock, which he goes nuts over! He tries to open the metal sensor yet struggles with his little squirrel hands. He also tries to pass through the tricky glass case where the nuts are also stored. However, this object is in Clarissa Corgi's yard, so passing by will not be so easy. Dylan full-on spots this and warns Dolly that he is not her friend and is just in for the nuts. When Dolly questions him, he denies the fact that he is in it for the nuts. Sid takes Dolly's training to the next level, which is to get past Clarissa Corgi. Dolly is very doubtful about this but tries anyway for Sid. She lands on top of the dome case, but the entire nut-filled pole falls with a clang. The glass shatters, awakening Clarissa to intruder alert, and Sid gets his nuts. Dolly loved the adventure. Douglas calls for nail-trimming time and Dolly is about to go when Sid remarks she will need her nails later for the ultimate training level. Dolly ignores Dad's calls and even the Call of Duty game which all pups like.

Dolly scampers outside to find Sid when Dylan knows he cannot be trusted. We are now back to scene with the building and metal sensor on top. Dolly struggles to open the metal sensor yet eventually succeeds. Sid dives in by himself, but Dolly is not so sure. Once the alarm sounds and the lights flash red, she is not into participating. Sid plops out with a stash of nuts, crazy for them. The beginning of the evidence showing he was just in for the nuts all this time. He stole the nuts! Police horse Pearl hears the alarm and gets down to business. Dolly is revealed that she helped Sid steal the nuts just for some stunts! Pearl yells at them to stop. Sid hops on Dolly's back and they escape. Dylan sees Dolly and a small, skinny figure riding on her carrying a sack like to a burglar. He gasps in shock when the police horse chases them. They quickly lose Pearl and she wanders back to her job.

Meanwhile, Dylan is using his nose to track where Dolly had been. Dolly is frightened to jump onto the Great Clock to follow along with Sid and his nut stash. Sid manipulates her by saying she will not be given any even slightly amusing stunts if she does not follow along. Dolly falls for the manipulation and does what he says. She skeptically jumps onto the giant hand of the Great Clock and finds a petite door to Sid's nut stash. She is frightened when she looks down. Sid tries to fit has large sack in but fails and the sack falls apart with acorns. This spill causes Dolly to lose her balance and dangle from the clock hand with only one paw. She is now terrified and screams for any help, including Sid. Sid pays no attention to her cries whatsoever and is having the time of his life in his grand nut stash. Dolly becomes more scared as the hand moves down a minute, causing her to lose more grip.

Dylan notices Dolly in danger and uses the Worldwide Woof to summon all pups to the church tower to rescue her. All pups grab the sides of the mattress into their jaws and carry it to where Dolly is. They are softening Dolly's fall. Sid notices Dolly's terrified scream and peeks out to witness. Too late. Dolly already falls, preparing for her fate, but suddenly remembers her passion for stunts. Her fear vanishes as she lands all fours onto the mattress, flips off curbs, walls, and corners, and does a spectacular backflip in the moonlight. Sid only cares little about Dolly's spectacular performance and far more about his grand nut stash. The nuts fall under the clock and he soon get caught by Police hourse Pearl. Later, Dylan and Dolly share sibling love and kindness. Dylan attempts to play Poodle Wolf, but Dolly ends the episode by hanging with Delgado for some moves.