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Merry Pups is first short of season 1 of 101 Dalmatian Street TV series.


Dylan tries to protect Dorothy's Christmas present from Dolly, Dizzy, and Dee Dee.



It is Christmas Eve, and Dorothy is trying to open up one of her gifts. Dylan stops her and reminds her to wait until tomorrow morning. She becomes sleepy and leaves to go to bed. Dylan takes it upon himself to prevent anyone from trying to open any gifts, particularly Dorothy's. Dolly sees him guarding the tree and makes a plan with Dizzy and Dee Dee to get to the gifts. Dylan, seeing Dizzy and Dee Dee scurrying about, installs string with bells to alert him of anyone trying to get to the gifts. Dolly takes this as a challenge and swiftly avoids all string.

Dylan is distracted by Dizzy and Dee Dee getting caught in the string, leaving Dolly a perfect opportunity to get to the gifts. As she tries to open Dorothy's gift, Dylan catches her and tries to rip the package from her paws. The two fighting causes the package of gifts they were on top of to fall down, and the two get tangled in the string of bells as they swing into the tree. Dorothy's gift avoids getting crushed by a ladder only to become struck by lightning.

The next morning, as Dorothy sleepily climbs down the stairs, the four pups on the tree become increasingly nervous. Dorothy, contrary to expectations, is delighted to see her gift as all she wanted was the ribbon on top.



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