Dylan talks to dolly about dinner
"We gotta get home for dinner!"
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Mr. Fuzzy is a human and a recurring character in the show. He lives is London, UK. His real name is currently unknown, but the puppies name him "Mr. Fuzzy".


He's friendly and likes the company of the puppies, but he's not very helpfull with house shores. He's as clueless as to get in an unkown house and spend time there without ever knowing who it belongs to, even sleeping there. He tries to meet someone to date in a celphone app.


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Language version Actors
English Matt Wilkinson
Hungarian Szabolcs Pálmai
Spanish (Latin America) Marc Winslow

Names in other languages

  • Hungarian: Bozontos Úr
  • Italian: Signore Fuzzy
  • Polish: Pan Kudłatek
  • Spanish: Señor Fuzzy


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