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The Crush Begins


The episode starts with Dolly and her doggy bestie, Roxy, playing in the park. Dolly is waiting on one side of teeter-totter, while Roxy is charging to flip her into the air for a stunt.

Dolly: "Stand by, Roxy!"

Roxy: "Ohhhh yeahhh! Ooh!"

Dolly: "Bow-whacka-wow!"

Dolly & Roxy: "Bullseye!"

Roxy: "Ready?"

Dolly: "Born ready."

Dolly throws the frisbee for Roxy to fetch. The frisbee accidentally hits an object. A living, breathing, moving object.

Roxy: "Yeahhh! Huff, huff, nghhh!"

Dylan: "Hey, oww!"

Roxy's eyes dilate and she immediately gets a crush on Dylan. From her vision, a sexy Dylan with abs appears. His ears waver slightly above his face. A hot pink background and smooth jazz music is added to suit the feeling of the crush.

Dylan: "I believe this is yours."

Dolly: "Uheehee! Sorry, dude, but your head was in the way! Right Roxy?"

Roxy: "I, uh.. uewehh ehhh.hhummm. hblblehhh?"

Roxy mutters unintelligible gibberish to signify that she is love/dumbstruck.

Dolly: "Huh?"

Dylan: (nervously) "Oh.. Hello! Uh, Roxy... Hehe!"

Roxy: "Hahhhhhh..."

Dolly: "Uhhh, okay! Laters!"

Roxy: "Hehhhhh..."

Fergus: "Whoa-ho-ho! D-Dog! Roxy makes you nervous, eh?

Dylan: "She's a rottweiler. Of course she makes me nervous!"

Fergus: "You're definitely in there, pal."

Ideas for Roxy's Crush


Snowball: "Yo! Roxy! You're drooling like a chihuahua! What gives?"

Dolly: "Uhuh, yeah."

Roxy is quietly mumbling to herself to find the right words.

Snowball: "Spill! I don't have much time!"

Roxy: "Okay, okay. How do I say this? (timidly) I uh... I really, kinda, sorta, maybe,... (loudly, eagerly, in a rushed manner) DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY LIKE DYLAN!"

Dolly: "Eeeeeeeww! Gross! You like Dylan? Dylan Dylan?"

Roxy: "He's so dreamy."

Dolly: "Yup. A total nightmare."

Roxy: "He always worries about everybody and is taking charge..."

Snowball taps on all her fours to get their attention.

Snowball: "Solution stares in face, no? You must help your friend with this, Dolly."

Roxy: "Ah! Could you? WOULD YOU?"

Dolly: "What!? No!"

Snowball: "I'm thinking, um... Sleepover!"

Dolly: "Ugh, excuse me while I barf." (pretends to vomit)

Snowball: "What gives? Just get them to-"

Snowball's owner pushes on the button of her retractable leash, causing her to pull away, screaming which turns to doggy yowping from human's perspective as she is being pulled away. Roxy begins to tilt Dolly towards her on the teeter-totter with her own weight. She makes her puppy eye/ ugly cry face every second Dolly gets closer to her.

Dolly: Aww, quit doing that puppy eye thing. Not fair!

Roxy: (sniffling, whimpering)

Dolly: "Stop it! Stop that!"

Roxy releases a full stream of tears. Puppy eyes/ugly cry face intensifies to its most.

Dolly: "Okay, okay. Come over tonight."

Roxy: "Yeahhh, cool!"


Date Attempt

Evening. The doorbell rings. Dylan answers only to be revealed a fancy Roxy wearing bows and ornaments. She has two yellow bows on her ears, one yellow bow on her tail, and two pink bows on her front wrists. Pink pipe cleaners stick out from the bows on her ears. Hot pink ornaments with yellow stripes dangle from below, resembling earrings.

Dylan: Ahhh! R-Roxy!

Roxy: "Heyhhhhh!"

Dylan: "Uh, my, what big bows you have, heh!"

Roxy: "All the better to sparkle with!"

Dolly: "Wow, that's quite the look! Right Dylan?"

Dylan: "Uh... I am needed elsewhere... by... someone!"

Roxy: "It's the bows, isn't it? Or maybe it's just me. *sniff* (she starts to tear me) It's me! *sniff* HO NO IT'S MEEEEE!!

Dolly: "Nahhh, he just... needs to be needed."

Roxy: "Yeah... He really is the most sweetest... *sniff* most kindest *sniff*

Her voice trails off into breathy sobs and she soon emits a high-pitched and straight, miserable squeal or wail for her tears.

Dolly: "Okay, okay. Clearly you've got it bad."

Roxy: *sniff* "Mmf. Mmf."

Dolly: "But you know, lucky for you, I like a challenge. So here are Dolly's dating do's and don'ts. First up: Smile at him."

Douglas: "Dinner!"

The pups fly down to the location of Douglas's voice. Dinner is a trigger word for them.

Delilah: "Roxy Rottweiler. Have a seat."

Roxy: "Hello, Mrs. Dalmatian. Thanks ever so much Mrs. Dal-"

Dolly: "Roxy! Over here!"

Roxy giggles because of sitting next to her crush, Dylan. She eats voraciously and as she leans against a weirded out Dylan, her drool soaks into his bowl.

Roxy: Hehhhhhhh!

Dylan: "Ahh! Um *clears throat* I just remembered I've got a thing!..."

Dolly: "What thing? Ohhh, you mean PoodleWolf! Let's all play!"

Dylan: "You hate PoodleWolf."

Roxy: "But I don't! Heeheehee! Please tell me it's the quest for the golden chew toy, heeheeehheh!"

Dolly: "Huh?"

Dylan: "Yes."

Dolly: "Tip number 2: Laugh at all his jokes. It'll be tough but just fake it."

Dylan: "Poodle Doodle 3!"

Dolly: *yawn*

Dylan: "Hey, you're invading my space!"

Roxy connects his words to exactly of what Dolly exclaimed about laughing at all his jokes. She interprets this as a joke and forcefully laughs at Dylan. Her drool either flies just past Dylan's face, or worse, on his face. A view from inside Roxy's mouth and slow motion is added to emphasize with Dylan's cringe.

Roxy: (slow motion) "Dylan, ahaha!" (normal motion) You're a howl!"

Roxy jokingly smacks him with a paw, sending him crashing into the board game.

Dylan: "Mmrrf. Thanks."

Dolly: "Ahah! Best time ever! Right Dylan?"

Dylan: "Yeah, great. If you find cracked ribs funny."

A pup walks by and yawns.

Dylan: "Uh, yeah. You know what!? It's bedtime. For the pups."

Roxy: "I'd love to tuck in their little paws."

Dolly: "Hey, Roxy! You know, you should help Dylan."

Dylan: (whispering) "Are you serious?! Have you seen those teeth?"

Dolly: "That she's awesome at flossing. See you on the other side."

Roxy: (grinning) "Hehhhhh!"

Dylan: -gulp-

Dylan and Roxy both try to fit through the doggy door, but Roxy is too big. She goes in first and Dylan watches.

Dylan: "After you."

Roxy: "Ooh!"

Roxy spots one of the pups, Dizzy, who is about to and is falling off of the shelf, still asleep!

Dylan: -gasp-

Dylan watches in horror as a shadow of Roxy is seen, looking like she is about to engulf and do some damage to the pup. Slow motion and a bear roar sound effect is added for the suspension.

Dylan: "Ahh! Oh no!"

Dizzy: (giggling)

Roxy gently lays Dizzy onto a pillow and flings a blanket over her. Dizzy resumes her sleep.

Dylan: "Ah. Unpredictable as an asteroid."


The Next Day

Dolly: "Bow-wacka-wow!"

Dolly is sliding down the stairs and is performing a stunt when she suddenly crashes into Dylan.

Dylan: "Oomph!"

Dolly: "Ahh, Dylan! Creep up on me why don't you? Where are you going anyway?"

Dylan: "To categorize my bone collection."

Dolly: (suspiciously) "So you'll be in your tree house, EHHH?

A wide, suspicious grin spreads across Dolly's face.

Dylan: "Evidence would point that way."

Dylan: "Why?"

Dolly: "Hey! I've got a plan to get you with Dylan!"

Roxy: "OoooOOH!"

Dolly: "There's nothing he loves more than a nice, big surprise."


Regret on Her Own Antics

Dolly is viewing through her telescope about whatever is to happen between Roxy and Dylan.

Dolly: " Ohhh, this is going to be the most. Fun. Ever, ahahe! 3, 2, booyah!"

Dylan: "Ah, finally. A little me-time."

Roxy, obeying Dolly, creates a big surprise by barging into Dylan's tree house just when he is about to get content. Her surprise startles Dylan.

Roxy: "Heheeyyyy! Oooh!"

Dylan: "Waaaugh!"

Dolly snickers at what Roxy is doing by her orders.

Roxy: "Woooww..."

Dylan: "No! Don't touch that!"

Dolly laughs harder.

Roxy: "There are over 200 billion stars in the milky way."

Dylan: "Huh? Wow... There are."

Roxy: "And you know, we're all made of stars."

Dylan: "We are... Uh, wanna see?"

Roxy and Dylan begin to warm up to each other by giggling together in awe of the constellations and stars. They are looking at the stars through a telescope, while Dolly's own perspective is completely different.

Dolly: "Eww, gross! Just stop!"

Dolly walks down to the tree house base.

Dolly: "Uh, Roxy? Ready to come hang out now?"

Roxy: "Dolly! You wouldn't believe how many constellations Dylan knows!"

Dolly; "Oh, I would. But come on! Let's go have our sleepover!"

Roxy: "Oh, but this is super interesting! Um, uh, o-okay. I-I'll be down soon. I promise!"

Dolly: -sigh- "Guess I'll just be over here. On my own!"

Later that night. Dolly and Roxy are sleeping together on the couch. Roxy accidentally slams a paw over Dolly's snoring mouth.

Dolly: "Bwah!"

Dolly is startled. Once she realizes it's Roxy, she carefully sets her paw aside and resumes sleeping. In the morning:

Dylan: "Breakfast!"

Roxy: "Yeeesss!"

Dolly: "Huh?" -sigh-

Roxy gazes into Dylan's protective helmet and sighs dreamily at him. However, she eats when Dolly nudges her bowl for notice. Food gets on Dylan's helmet for the protection of him. He this time takes it as a joke, smiles, and laughs with her.

Dolly: "Rrrgh!"

Dylan: "Hey Roxy. Want to help me later? I'm tracking Sirius Canis Major, a.k.a the Dog Star!"

Roxy: "You're my dog star, Dylan!"

Dylan: "No, you're my dog star ahah!"

Roxy laughs at that and like earlier, slams him down with a paw jokingly. He just this time rolls along with it and laughs along. Dolly is becoming irritated at this but suddenly gets an idea with her emotion.

Dolly: "Ahah! Look at me! I've got rabies!"

Roxy and Dolly laugh at the toothpaste smeared over her face together.

Dylan: "Hey Roxy! See my system for tooth-brushing 99 pups!"

Roxy: "Ahhh, Dylan. So simply smart."

Dolly: "Wanna come build a den?"

Time passes throughout the day. Dolly is constantly trying to perform stunts and other tricks to catch Roxy's attention and win her back. She performs tricks such as balancing multiple objects on a skateboard and much more crazy acts. However, Dolly fighting against her original antics just fails to succeed with Roxy and Dylan.

Dolly: "Watch this! Roxy! Look at me! Look at me!"

Roxy: (laughs when she sees Dylan about to or doing something impressive)

Dolly: "Hey Roxy! Look at me!"

Dolly crashes into a wall while carrying a dozen of pups on her nose while skateboarding with a leg up.

Pups: "OW! Awww!"

Dolly: "Rrrrrghh!"

Dolly is later seen jumping on a trampoline next to the tree house to let Roxy know the hard way. She is jumping to match the height of where the telescope is at.

Roxy: "I think something's up with Dolly."

Dylan: "I've been seeing that my whole life."

Roxy: "Whoa! She looks... -gulp- Do you think maybe I've been neglecting her? Okay, we've gotta fix this!"


The Breaking Point

Dolly is now on one of the rooms in the house. She is mocking Roxy about how she crushes on her brother.

Dolly: (mocking Roxy) "Oh, Dylan. You're so cute! So dreamy! So (normal) ANNOYING!"

Destiny: "What's up, sis?"

Dolly: "Dylan's stolen my BFF!"

Destiny: "Nuh-uh, girlfriend!"

Dallas: "Fight for what's yours!"

Deja Vu: "Yeah. Teach him a lesson."

Dolly: "Yeah. Right. When did I become such a pushover?!"

Roxy: "We have to make it perfect for her."

Dylan: "Why? She just cheated at PoodleWolf!"

Roxy: " 'Cause she's my BFF!"

The Triple D eavesdrop on the discussion but incorrectly interpret what is going on.

Destiny: "Whoa, whoa, whoa-whoa, WHOA!"

Dallas: "Looks like her lovebirds..."

Deja Vu: "Have built a love nest!"

Dolly pops up to get to serious business. A tiger roar to express her emotion is added for sound effect. She finally loses her cool when she sees shadows of Roxy and Dylan laughing and chatting with each other, eye to eye.

Dolly: "GrrrRRRR!"

Destiny: "Uh-oh. There they come! There she goes."

Dylan: (furiously, lost temper) "NICE 'WUV' SHACK. BUILD IT FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND, DIDJYA!?

Dylan: "Doh, wha, girlfriend!? N-no, it's not like that!"


Dolly sprays the faucet on full momentum to try to shoot Dylan with it in pure envious rage. Dylan dodges and tries to avoid, hence Dolly's comment, 'dancing boyfriend.' Roxy tries to hide on the other side of the tent.

Dylan: "W-wait! Ahhh, I'm under attack!"

Triple D: "Hahahahh!"

Roxy: "Uh oh."

Dolly knocks down the tent with the hose.


Dylan: "Dolly, what are you talking about!?"

Dolly sprays the water into Roxy's mouth, trying to knock her down as well.


The hose at full momentum suddenly wraps around Dolly's lean body, and she loses control of it. She goes flying everywhere along with the hose.

Dolly: "Huh? Whoaaa! Whoaahoa!"

Roxy: "Dolly! I made this stand for you!"

The water almost hits Roxy, but she puts a stop to it. The slams her heavy paw onto the long, stretchy faucet. Water stops coming out and the faucet all falls to the ground, catching Dolly.

Dolly: "Oomph! Oh... You did?"

Roxy: "Yeah. That's what you do when you've made your BFFs sad."

Triple D: "Awwwww!..."

Dolly: "What about Dylan?"

Dylan: "No! We're just, uh... BSPS. Best Science Pals Sometimes!

Dolly gives Roxy a warm, forgiving hug in the head just as she is about to cry in sorrow. She hugs her back. The pressure Roxy's puts off the hose activates it again. This time the water sends Dylan flying into the Triple D pups.

Dylan: "Waaughh!"

Triple D: "Eyyyyy!"

Dolly: "Don't worry about Dylan. There are plenty more dorks in the sea!"

Roxy: (distracted) "Whoooo! Check out that hunker doodle! Whrooooo OWF OWF OWF OWF WHROOOOO! HAHAHAEHHHH!"

Roxy starts whooping and yowling like a scrawny, wild predator at a scrawny, somewhat starved stray dog. She does this to express her wild, silly, and out of hand, yet lovey dovey admiration and naivety. Her commotion causes the stray to flee away.

Snowball: "Looks like she's got a type."