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"Dawkins Strikes Back"

"Dotty Dancing"

The episode starts with Poodlewolf and Inventicus looking upon Catatonia. Poodlewolf goes into a monologue about saving Catatonia from Furball and calls on Inventicus. Unfortunately, Inventicus starts floating and falling on his head. With Poodlewolf confused, the scene goes to the real world, where Dolly is goofing around with Inventicus, Dawkins' player. Dylan gets annoyed and tells her to cut it out. Dolly sarcastically says that Inventicus wants Dylan and Dawkins to stop playing and let her go to the park. Dylan takes back Dawkins' character and says that they have to save Catatonia from Furball's "perma-death weapons". Dolly is about to complain but gets distracted when Hansel comes in. Unfortunately for Dolly, he's a fan of the game too. Dolly tries to get Hansel to play with her to spend time with him, and Dylan tries to stop her. Dolly blackmails him, saying that it's his turn to deep clean to pooper-scoopers. Dylan reluctantly lets her be Dogsbody, but Dolly doesn't want to be. Dylan tells her she can't play if she doesn't accept Dogsbody, so Dolly agrees to be Dogsbody. Dylan and Hansel put their characters down, along with Dolly. Going back to fantasy, Poodlewolf ways they must find the golden kibble, but Paw the Mighty stands in their way. We come back to reality to see Dolly skating around. As the rest of them try to attack Paw the Mighty, Dolly falls on the board. Dylan tries to get her to play seriously, but Dolly doesn't. Back to fantasy, we see a few clips of Dogsbody messing things up for the rest, Like falling behind and accidentally waking the dragon. Poodlewolf says that they can use the Golden Kibble, but a tongue reaches for it. In reality, Dolly eats the Golden Kibble. Eventually, the four of them get to the home of Lord Furball. Hansel, Dawkins, and Dylan laugh triumphantly, but Dolly just yawns. Hansel and Dylan break into a dialogue, but Dolly stops it cold. Dawkins, playing as Furball, says that they are no match for fatal furballs. Dylan says that he isn't scared. In fantasy, Poodlewolf proceeds to attack, but Dogsbody gets in the way. In reality, Dolly starts throwing various items and cards at Furball. Then Dolly throws a defense potion at Furball, even after Hansel warns her. Dawkins complains that it was supposed to make the heroes invulnerable, not the enemy. Dawkins shines a blacklight behind Furball to represent invulnerability. In fantasy, Furball throws a perma-death furball that hits Poodlewoof. In reality, Dawkins says that it's a direct hit. Dylan asks how much damage was cost. When Dawkins rolls the dice, he declares Poodlewolf perma-dead. Dawkin's knocks down Dylan's character in reality. In fantasy, Poodlewolf is squashed by a furball. Back in reality, Hansel and Dawkins are mourning their friend's character's death, while Dylan just stood there. Dolly broke the peace by suggesting they go to the park. In the next scene, Dolly slid down the stairs, where Dizzy and Dee Dee confronted her. When Diesel said he doesn't dig "wolf-slayers", Dolly realizes they mean what happened in the treehouse. Dizzy and Dee Dee say that Dylan hadn't slept, eaten, nor vacuumed. The camera turns to see Dorothy popping out of a dust bunny. The camera turns back. Dolly asks where Dylan is. The camera goes to the treehouse, where the whole family, and some friends have come to the funeral of Poodlewolf. Dolly steps in, but everyone just glares at her. Dolly says that it's just a toy, but Hansel explains that Dylan worked hard to train up Poodlwolf, and now they have a bond. When the character dies, the player's work gets wasted. Dolly tries to find a way to get Poodlewolf alive again, but Dawkins says it can't be done. Not without... the Resurrection Bone. Dawkins says that the quest is far too dangerous for them. Dolly encourages him to be hopeful, but in the next scene, Dogsbody and Inventicus die. Dawkins says that merma-gems don't work on were-chihuahuas because of their armor. Dolly complains that she'll never remember anything, but Hansel suggests that he can help. He encourages Dolly to fight with honor. Dawkins starts a monologue about the adventure from there. The three of them tried again, even though Dogsbody kept getting them killed. Over time, they got to the dungeon of the troll. Inn the end, they won. Unfortunately, when they tried to retreve the Resurrection Bone, it wasn't there. Dolly suspects that Constantin has taken it. Dolly has an idea to use the Bowl Thrower in order to send her flying into the house. They send her in the air, and she gets into the house by the chimmney. Constantin welcomes her. Dolly confronts him and says that she's calling Officer Pearl. Before she can leave, Constantin says that she can choose one box to retreve, and that's it. Dolly chooses the one on top, but it only contains pooper-scoopers. Cnstantin urges her to leave, but Dolly distracts him by emptying out the box. Constantin tries to resist, but eventually goes in; this gives Dolly enough time to find the box with the Resurrection Bone. In the next scene, Dylan is looking at he dog constellation. Dolly calls him to the treehouse, where Dawkins and Hansel are amazed by the sight of the Resurrection Bone.Dolly shows it to Dylan, and he can't believe it. Hansel urges him to come, because "Furball" is coming. It's really just Consantin. For a second, we can see him climbing up the ladder. Dolly chants a rhyme, and puts the Resurrection Bone on the pillar. In both fantasy and reality, Poodlewolf comes down from the heavens. Back in reality, Dolly gives Dylan a big hug. Unfortunately, the moment is interupted by Constantin, who is about to scratch Dolly. Dylan confronts him. They're about to fight, but Delilah ruins the moment. She says it's pooper-scooper time. With that, the episode ends.