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Dylan holding Poodlewolf: Quest for the Golden Chewtoy board game.

Poodlewolf is a popular multimedia franchise starring the eponymous, Poodlewolf, a hybrid of poodle and wolf, as he explores a fantasy world with his companions.


Tabletop Game

The tabletop board game version of Poodlewolf: Quest for the Golden Chewtoy is played with cards, character levels, and a twenty sided dice, similar to pen and paper RPGs like [Dungeons & Dragons]]. The player chooses among Poodlewolf, Cat Princess/Dogsbody, Inventicus and Han the Handsome as they go on quests, search for items, explore the board and battle monsters.

Lord Furball is the main enemy in the game and possesses the unique ability to permanently kill a player character with certain attacks. All playable characters, as well as Furball, possess figurines on the board.

Video Game

Poodle Wolf: Quest for the Golden Chewtoy is a headset Virtual Reality game that lets players experience Catatonia in first person. Poodlewolf, Inventicus and Dogsbody/Cat Princess are playable characters. The goal of the game is to obtain the Golden Chewtoy and defeat Lord Furball.

Comic Book

A series of comic books that tell the story of Poodlewolf and company as they try to save Catatonia.


Poodlewolf also has a Television Show, which Dylan and the other Dalmatians are known to watch.


Key characters

Poodlewolf, the title character of the franchise.

  • Poodlewolf: A black and white hybrid of poodle and wolf. Poodlewolf is a sword swinging warrior with a sensitive side and thus always stands for the downtrodden. Poodlewolf seeks to free the realm of Catatonia and rescue its princess from tyranny.
  • Cat Princess/Dogsbody: Outwardly a squat trollish dog, Dogsbody is actually the beautiful feline ruler of Catatonia. The magical Princess was turned into Dogsbody by the evil Lord Furball. She seeks to regain her true form and throne, but until then acts as Poodlewolf's sidekick.
  • Inventicus: A cyborg scottish terror known for his brilliant mind and inventions.
  • Lord Furball: A one eyed red furred leopard cat, Furball is the usurper of the Cat Princess's throne, tyrant of Catatonia, and Poodlewolf's archenemy. Furball's hairballs are deadly weapons.
  • Paw the Mighty: A giant monstrous cat barbarian, she is presumably a follower of Furball.

Other characters

  • Han the Handsome: An archer Husky, he is identical in appearance to Hansel outside of long flowing white hair. He is only seen in the tabletop game where he is a playable character.
  • Dragon: An enemy dragon seen in the tabletop game.
  • Were Chihuahua: Burly humanoid chihuahuas in arcane armor. They are enemies in the tabletop games and their armor makes them immune to certain attacks.
  • She Troll: An Enemy in the tabletop game, a photo of Clarissa is used to represent the troll during a gameplay session.


  • Golden Chewtoy: The source of Cat Princess's magical powers was stolen by Furball who used it transform her into the weak Dogsbody. Obtaining it will allow Dogsbody to assume her more powerful true form and is required to beat Furball.
  • Golden Kibble: An artifact of unknown use, Dolly ate the piece for it when Dylan was playing the tabletop game.
  • Magic Sword: Poodlewolf's blade. Reciting poems from the Kings of Caninia empowers the blade.
  • Cloak of invisibility: A cloak that renders those cloaked under it invisible, Dylan mentioned it in a sleep deprived trance.
  • Resurrection Bone: A legendary artifact that brings souls back from beyond. It is the only known way to bring back perma dead characters.


  • Catatonia: A magical kingdom of cats, its princess was usurped by Lord Furball and its citizens suffer under his misrule. Its royal palace known as the towers of Catatonia, floats in the sky. Catatonia is the main setting of the franchise
  • Caninia - A setting that has only been mentioned. It is presumably Poodlewolf's home and mainly inhabited by dogs. One of the books for the tabletop game is called the Kings of Caninia.


Dylan is a huge fan of Poodlewolf and loves all facets of the franchise. Dawkins and Hansel are large fans as well.

Dolly is not a fan, often derisively calls Poodlewolf, "Poodlewoof", and considers the character, "overly dramatic" and "annoying."

When playing the game, Dylan always chooses Poodlewolf whilst Dawkins and Hansel play Inventicus and Han the Handsome respectively. Dolly tends to play Dogsbody when she is roped into playing.