Portia Poodle is a female poodle and one of the recurring characters in 101 Dalmatian Street.


Portia is dark, intense, and she has tons of attitude.[1][2]

Physical Appearance

Portia has purple fur. Her hair is black with dark purple, light purple, and pink streaks. She wears a pink collar with light blue in the middle.



Spencer is her sidekick.


In the episode Crushed Out, Portia develop a romantic (and obsesive) relation with Dylan, but she lost all the interest in the moment in which Dylan's attentions started to annoy her and even after all of that, Dylan still has a crush on her at the end of the episode, which is surprising seeing as she try to break his heart.


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Language version Actors
English Paloma Faith
Portuguese (Brazil) Angélica Borges
Portuguese (Europe) Susana Farrajota



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