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"Diamond Dogs"
Ride Along


The episode starts when Pearl rescues Dorothy from dangerous situation. After that, Dolly is amazed by what Pearl did says to her that she wants to become police officer and begs Pearl to gave her some lessons and take her on the patrol. She claims that she wants to learn from the best and that's Pearl. She starts begging her to the moment that Pearl finally agrees to take her the next day.

As the side plot, Chips is trying to eat french fires that were lying on the ground but pigeons get them before him and say that he can eat paper cone that was left on the ground.

The next day Dolly wakes up Dylan and says to him that her training is beginning that they. He says that she looks excited that they not understanding what she was talking about. For the rest of the day in house she is acting like cope and throwing at Dylan cliché police texts including: "Put your paws up". At the end Dylan conclude that with "Oh brother".

In the next scene in the park Roxy says to Dolly that she looks excellent while Snowball (I think, I can't understood that one well) that she doesn't see why. Meanwhile Clarissa wonders what Dolly has done to be punished with community service and how long will it last. She hopes it will be for long. Dolly sees Fergus eating from rubbish bin and tells him to stop. He (I believe, again, problems with translation) doesn't believe that Dolly works for police and talks to Pearl instead. She tells him to stop what he is doing unless he wants to be punished. Pearl is giving Dolly cadets badge for her great work.