Roxy is a recurring character in 101 Dalmatian Street.

She is Dolly's best friend, and has a crush on Dylan.


Despite her large and intimidating appearance, she is actually gentle and friendly. She is clumsy, emotional, caring and thoughtful. She tucked one of the dalmatian puppies into bed in one episode to help Dylan.

Physical Appearance

Roxy is a gigantic tan and black Rottweiler with small ears, a gray nose, markings around her eyes which resemble eyelashes and a toothy mouth. She has black eyes and wears a hot pink collar with a peace sign as a tag on it.


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Language version Actors
English Akiya Henry
Portuguese (Europe) Maria Camões
Spanish (Latin America) Liliana Barba


Names in other languages

  • Greek: Ρόξη(transcription: Róxi)


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