The first season of 101 Dalmatian Street had a sneak peek premiere on December 14, 2018 in the UK and Ireland with the episode "Dog's Best Friend", and Germany followed suit the next day with "Boom Night". The season officially premiered on March 18, 2019.

The season will have a total of 50 11-minute episodes as well as 5 two-part specials which is about 45 stories, with 10 2-minute shorts.[1]

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Titlecard Title International Release Prod. code
1 1 Dog's Best Friend title card Dog's Best Friend December 14, 2018 101
After seeing Clarissa the corgi's human doing chores, Dizzy and Dee Dee help Dylan get a human "pet" so he can help out with the household chores.
2 2 Boom Night title card Boom Night December 14, 2018 102
When Doug locks the house and tells Dylan to keep everyone safe, Dolly manages to sneak out. Dylan tries to overcome his fear of Boom Night in order to find her.
3 3 PowertothePuppiesTitle Power to the Puppies March 18, 2019 103
Dylan and Dolly clash over their wildly different puppy-sitting styles, and call a snap election to decide who is top dog. However, Diesel, the most unsuitable leader, wins.
4 4 Who The Dog Do You Think You Are title card Who the Dog Do You Think You Are? March 19, 2019 104
Dylan discovers his royal heritage, and Clarissa latches on with plans to make a Prince out of him for her own benefit.
5 10 All fired up All Fired Up March 20, 2019 110
Dolly goes to work with Doug, expecting fire-fighting thrills, but is disappointed with the boring mood there.
6 5 Walkies Walkies on the Wild Side March 20, 2019 105
After Dolly teases Dylan for being too domestic, Dylan is determined to show her he can be wild.
7 6 May Contain Nuts title card May Contain Nuts March 21, 2019 106
Dolly is inspired by master of parkour Sid, and begs him to show her some moves.
8 7 Winter Funderland title card Winter Funderland March 22, 2019 107
When the snowstorm of the century doesn't plan out as prominsed, Dolly takes matters into her own paws and turns the house into a frozen wonderland.
9 8 Snow day Snow Day March 25, 2019 108
London grinds to a halt because of snow, so the family has some fun; but crisis arises when Dylan and Dolly have to get the whole family ready.
10 9 Perfect match Perfect Match March 26, 2019 109
Dylan is petrified when Dolly's best friend Roxy reveals that she has a crush on him. Dolly forces the pair together, but soon beings to regret it.
11 11 Poetryscam Poetry Scam March 28, 2019 111
Dolly claims she wrote Dylan's poems to impress Hansel. Things get out of hand and she winds up in a Slam Poetry show. Will she keep up the lie - or own up?
12 12 Crushedout Crushed Out March 29, 2019 112
Dylan is desperate to win over his uber crush, hot dog, Portia. But when he finally gets the girl, it’s a case of be careful what you wish for.
13 13 Girls Day Out Girls' Day Out April 1, 2019 7a
When Dolly and Delilah fall out on Mother's Day, Doug reckons a day at the doggy day spa will bring them closer together. But could this be a recipe for disaster?
14 14 The Woof Factor title card The Woof Factor April 2, 2019 7b
Dolly, Dylan and Deepak are trying to become advertising stars, with help from Triple-D.
15 15 The Nose Job Part1 Title Card
The Nose Job Part 2 title card
The Nose Job April 23, 2019 (Part 1)
April 24, 2019 (Part 2)[2]
There's a crime in the park and the evidence points to 101 Dalmatian Street, so Dylan turns detective. After a crime in the park, Dylan thinks he can handle the investigation alone, refusing help from his little bro Diesel who has super sniffing skills.
16 16 My Fair Dolly title card My Fair Dolly April 25, 2019[2] 117
When Clarissa challenges Dolly to pass as posh at the Petiquette Pooch Cup, she takes things too far, goes makeover mad, gets human'ed up and almost forgets what matters most in the process.
17 17 Flea-Mageddon title card Flea-Mageddon April 29, 2019[2] 9b
There's a flea outbreak at 101 Dalmatian Street! Dylan springs into action by forcing the infected into quarantine. But the source of the infestation turns out to be quite the surprise.
18 18 Rhig1 A Right Royal Rumble May 16, 2019 119
When Clarissa tries to hog the royal visit to Camden Town from the Dalmatian family, Dolly's revolution causes chaos and puts poor Pearl in a pickle in the process. It soon makes the Royal Corgis, however, new friends for the Dalmatians.
19 19 Dal-Martians Titlecard Dal-Martians May 17, 2019 120
It's payback time. Dolly and Dawkins set know-it-all Dylan up to believe that aliens have landed in Camden and that he is the only one who stands between doggy-kind and imminent annihilation! Unfortunately, the thing gets way out of hand.
20 20 Date with destiny title A Date with Destiny… Dallas and Déjà Vu August 24, 2019 121
Dylan worries about the safety of the Triple D when they star in a series of increasingly dangerous stunts for an ad campaign.
21 21 The Wow of Miaow - title card The Wow of Miaow August 25, 2019 122
Dylan's cata-phobia causes Guru-Miaow devotee Deepak to leave home and move in with their feline neighbour Constantin.
22 24 A Summer to Remember - title card (Part 1)
A Summer to Remember - title card (Part 2)
A Summer to Remember August 28, 2019 129/130
The Dalmatian family take a vacation to Cornwall. However, Dylan and Dolly find themselves saving the family not once, but twice! They meet Doberman Spike, who’s a chilled surfer dude.
23 22 Fear Window - title card Fear Window August 31, 2019 123
Dolly is bedbound and entertains herself by spying on the neighbours.
24 23 The Dog House - title card The Dog House September 1, 2019
Clarissa tricks the Dalmatians into going wild.
25 25 Long Tongue Day - title card Long Tongue Day September 8, 2019[3] 125
The pups go to the pond on the hottest day of the year.
26 26 Doggy Da Vinci - title card Doggy Da Vinci[4] September 14, 2019 126
Puppy Da Vinci creates street art that causes a sensation among the humans in Camden.
27 27 London, We Have a Problem - title card (Part 1)
London, We Have A Problem - title card (Part 2)
London We Have A Problem[5] September 15, 2019 127/128
Hunter and Dylan become friends when they discover a common love for outer space!
28 28 Its my party It's My Party[6] September 21, 2019 131
Dylan, Dolly and Diesel throw a birthday bash for Triple D
29 29 Fox in the Dog House - title card Fox in the Dog House[7] September 22, 2019 132
Dolly invites an injured Fergus to recover at the Dalmatian house.
30 30 3E97655A-16FF-4BED-B7C4-AC63F05F188F Fetch September 28, 2019[8] 133
Dylan hires Fetch, an elegant electronic assistant to help him organize the household.
31 31 C3DA6530-6DE6-4DB4-B971-582E8B148F0F Don't Push Your Luck September 29, 2019[9] 134
Dolly wants to win a contest, but she'll need a lot of luck for that.
TBA TBA TBA Title Card The Longest Night[10] TBA 140


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  • Although by the amount of segments ordered in the actual show saying it’s most likely 25, a 26th episode ordered might mean that the shorts will have a individual episode, although not confirmed as of yet.


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