The shorts are 2-minute long episodes that focus on two or three characters at a time. They're often released online as a mean of advertising the show. A total of 10 shorts were released in the first season of the show. [1] The Animals vs Humans shorts do not count.

Season 1

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Titlecard Title International Release Prod. code
1 1 Vlcsnap-2018-12-14-13h57m26s710 Merry Pups December 14, 2018 TBA
Dylan tries to protect Dorothy's Christmas present from Dolly, Dizzy, and Dee Dee.
2 2 Muddy Pups Title Card Muddy Pups February 18, 2019 TBA
Dylan is trying to keep the floor clean, but Diesel wants to play in the dirt.
3 3 Prank Pups Title Card Prank Pups February 19, 2019 TBA
Dylan and Dolly plan the ultimate prank on Clarrisa's human, Hugo. It backfires spectacularly
4 4 Ransom Pups Title Card Ransom Pups February 20, 2019 TBA
When Clarissa takes one of Dolly's toys hostage, Dolly wreaks havoc in Clarissa's garden.
5 5 Target Pups Title Card Target Pups February 21, 2019 TBA
Dylan & Dawkins attempt to make modifications to the Food Machine.
6 6 Yoga Pups Title Card Yoga Pups March 15, 2019 TBA
Deepak is meditating on Dolly's Skateboard, and Dolly is trying to get it back.
7 7 Jurassic Pups Title Card Jurassic Pups April 1, 2019 TBA
Fergus and Dylan take on a not so little challenge... to BUILD a pre-historic dinosaur!
8 8 Space Pups Title Card Space Pups April 10 or 11, 2019 (Cartoons on Bay)
April 25, 2019 (YouTube)
Dylan is trying to dock with the Space Station, but Dorothy is on board and chaos ensues.
9 9 Disco1 Disco Pups May 16, 2019 TBA
Dolly, Roxy and Snowball are trying to make a music video but Roxy can't quite get the hang of dancing… Will they find the perfect move to record?
10 10 Diva Pups Tittle Cart Diva Pups May 24, 2019 TBA
Destiny, Dallas and Déjà Vu are the most stylish dogs in town and really know how to work the camera. Will their competitive sides get the better of these pawsome pups when they try to get the best shot?

Season 2



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