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Summer is a Blue Merle Border Collie from Cornwall, England. She meets the Dalmatian family when they take a summer vacation to Cornwall. She serves as the love interest for Dylan in the episode "A Summer to Remember".


Summer is nice and caring, though is annoyed by Dylan's ignorance towards her and the Cornwall locals.


Summer has light-blue scleras, white fur with four white socks, black ear lids, two different shaded colour patched eyes (black and blue). With a blue back, a black tail with a white tip.


Language version Actors
English Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Polish Magda Kusa
Spanish (Latin America) Erika Langarica


  • Summer's family probably originated in the United Kingdom. She is from the Border Collie breed, a breed that originated in the United Kingdom.
  • In D-Factor, a female Border Collie background character who appears to be Summer shows up on this episode as evident to the details of the design having a striking resemblance towards Summer’s appearances. As well as how Clarissa says “Best summer soirée ever” having the episode possibly making it clear that it takes place during Summer break or season still or once more, and how this character laughs with the crowd specifically at Dylan. These details are incredibly similar to Summer though it could be odd in some way. With the idea of the Border Collie background character is indeed Summer it would seem unusually unrealistic for her to laugh with the crowd at the humiliated Dylan who has seemed to have feelings for Summer, let alone leave with the crowd after Dylan’s long speech. Not to mention having little problems with Clarissa pulling the prank on Dylan and how they do not even say anything on this episode nor does anyone or anything point out their appearance in this episode other than the narrative of this overall episode including them in the story focused around Dylan’s perspective. (Though, there are actual canon occasions in the particular two-parter episode showing moments that actually happened where Summer has laughed at Dylan a couple of times and have zero problems with Dylan’s sister Dolly making jokes teasing Dylan like about Summer being Dylan’s girlfriend.) An detail that sets this speculation apart is how the featured background character in question’s fur is completely white and the little dialogues mentioned from the character other than laughing and how nobody else points out or acknowledges this character enough to confirm or try to clarify if the character is either Summer or not. One of the likely possibilities for certain are within two theories being that this may in-fact be Summer or it may be a coincidence.

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: 夏天 (Xiàtiān)
  • Spanish (Latin America): Verano
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