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{{Infobox dub
| name = The title of the article.
| image = The logo or title card of the dub.
| other_names = Other names the dub may have
| country = The country of the dubbing studio.
| language = The language of the dub.
| seasons = The number of seasons the dub has.
| episodes = The number of episodes the dub has (add one when an episode airs).
| director = The director of the dub.
| producer = The producer of the dub.
| adapter = The adapter of the dub.
| translator = The translator of the dub.
| run = The date that the dub first premiered.
| studio = The dubbing studio that did the dubbing.
| channel = The channels the dub is broadcast on.
| broadcast_area = 
| picture = The aspect ratio the dub is broadcast as.
| audio = The audio format the dub is broadcast as.
| release = The day the dub was broadcast to the day it ended.

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