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The Curse of the Ferrydog

"The Curse of the Ferrydog" is the 35th episode of 101 Dalmatian Street. The episode originally aired in the Netherlands on December 7, 2019.[2] It then aired in the UK on February 3, 2020.[3]


When Dylan discovers a Roman artifact, Portia and Dante try to prank him to teach him a lesson.


The episode starts with Dylan cleaning the windows of the house. He notices that there are holes everywhere in the front yard, and Dolly asks if they have moles. Dylan points out that all the holes in the yard are caused by Diesel as he climbs out of a new hole. Dylan tries to tell Diesel that he doesn't have to dig everything up, but Diesel digs a bunch of dirt into Dylan's face. After cleaning all the dirt off of his face, he notices there is a Roman artifact that Diesel dug up.

He states that it's from Cerberus, "the three headed dog of the underworld". Dante comes along and asks if Dylan said "underworld", to which Dylan doesn't reply. Instead, he puts his head in the new hole and wonders if there's anything else under there. Dante warns him, saying the dead must not be disturbed as it cuts to another scene where Diesel has dug a much larger hole.

Diesel points out how Dylan said it's not "mandalatory" to dig up stuff, but Dylan says this time, it's different. Dylan states that he'll finally be an archaeologist and make a name for himself, to which Dolly jokes, stating that he'll be a "bark-aeologist". Dylan is obviously not amused and Dolly moves away as Dante pops up to say again that the dead should not be disturbed and that Dylan should beware. Dylan goes back under the hole and tells Diesel to not dig so fast as Diesel pops out beside him. Diesel says he is digging slowly as it cuts to another scene.

In this scene, Diesel has dug even more and Dylan has finally glued all the pieces of the Roman artifact together to reveal that it is a Roman vase. Then, Diesel makes another discovery; the three skulls of Cerberus. Dylan ponders as to if it really is Cerberus as he stares into the empty eyes of one of the skulls. Dante tells him to leave the skulls alone, but Dylan pushes him aside rather carelessly. Dante warns him again about how he's messing with "dark forces" as Portia (with Spencer) finally pops up. She (much like Dante earlier) asks if Dante said "dark forces" before she notices Dylan holding one of Cerberus' skulls as she and Dante say "underworld" in unison.

They both state that the bones must go back in the ground, but Dylan (using one of Cerberus' skulls) states that it's "not happening". Dolly thinks it's hilarious and lets out a chuckle before stopping as she realizes no one else is laughing. She tells Dante and Portia to "lighten up" before running away.

Dylan, who is still using the skull to talk, asks Dolly to look at it before letting out a low guttural growl. Dolly says it's getting old as the vase falls and breaks. Dylan laments about his "precious" pot breaking before wondering how it happened. Dawkins ponders the same thing, but Dolly does not agree with how they use the word "concur". Then, Dylan's skull disappears and he wonders where it has gone. Dawkins says he thinks there's an explanation for this, and Dolly hopes it doesn't involve ancient spirits as we cut to a new scene.

Dylan is taking a shower as the heads of Cerberus appear on the window. Dylan quickly notices these and is scared, then falls over. He goes over to Dante and tells him to admit to making the heads appear in the window. Dante asks what did he do, and Dylan asks him if he "looks like an idiot", to which Dolly says he does. Dawkins slides in the room asking why it's so cold. Dylan asks that too, and then he, Dawkins and Dante all provide theories as to why it's so cold.

Dolly then points out that someone is in the treehouse. Dante asks if it's someone or something. They go out to look and find everything back where it was before, even though the skull went missing and the vase was shattered. Dylan says it couldn't have been Dante due to where he was. Dawkins concurs and Dolly whines about their usage of "concur" again. Dylan states there's always a logical explanation.

He tries thinking about what it could have been when a spider comes out of the skull. Dylan is frightened and shrinks away in fear as the skull begins to rise. It screams at them, and Dylan tells them to get out of there as Dolly finally concurs.

It cuts to them hiding under the couch as Dylan starts becoming insane. Dolly points out how Dylan's "broken" as it cuts to the metaphorical gears in his brain stopping. Dylan screams that they must put the bones back as Dolly concludes that he's finally gone insane. Dylan calls out for Portia as it cuts to Dante behind a grave laughing to himself.

Dylan walks inside the graveyard as Portia spooks him, saying "SOL", meaning Scream Out Loud. Dylan questions the acronym and Portia says it'll "catch on". Dylan then begs Portia for help as she says exactly what his predicament is. Portia asks Dylan if he's finally ready to "embrace the mystical" and he says he's ready. Then, they chant SOL together.

As it cuts to another scene, Portia is standing atop a huge dirt pile talking about how Cerberus has "awoken from his great slumber". Portia then states that they must rebury the bones of Cerberus. Dolly is worried, saying that Dylan is still "not himself". He then starts repeating Portia as Dolly says that's more in character for him.

Dolly runs up to Dylan asking if he's believing this. Dylan shoves her away saying she's "ruining the ritual". Portia tells Dylan to return the skull to the grave and he does. Afterward, she tells him to refill the pit. He shoves away Diesel, who asks to dig it up, as Dylan fills the hole as the crowd of dogs watching begins to laugh. Dante begins to explain the prank and how they did it, but states he didn't want to break Dylan. Dawkins and Dolly are mad.

Portia then goes on to try the next "ritual", but Dolly attempts to distract her. She signals Dante to talk to Dylan and try to snap out of it, but he refuses to. Portia then signals for Dylan to advance to the next ritual as they're led near the canal. Portia yells SOL again. Portia then signals for the titular "ferrydog" to come up.

The mystical being, assumed to be the ferrydog, comes up to Dylan and points at him. Three pups rise above his head. Dylan chants SOL again, and then it's revealed that the ferrydog and the three pups are Dante and the Triple D, who sing It's a Prank.

Dante then falls into the canal as Dylan finally comes to his senses. Dylan snaps at Portia and yells about it just being a prank, and she says she prefers to call it a "performance with a purpose". Everyone laughs at her, and she and Spencer disappear into the night.

Dylan warns Dante about the canal water being dirty, and Dante states he's back to normal. Dolly says "define normal" and the three all get into a group hug as Dylan smiles.


International release

Country Airdate Time Language version
1280px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Netherlands December 7, 2019 10:30 (UTC+01:00) Dutch
1200px-Flag of Italy.svg.png Italy December 14, 2019 09:20 (UTC+01:00) Italian
800px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg.png Switzerland
1038px-Flag of Belgium.svg.png Belgium January 13, 2020 07:05 (UTC+01:00) Dutch
1024px-Flag of Denmark.svg.png Denmark January 25, 2020 10:15 (UTC+02:00)
09:15 (UTC+01:00)
Finland Finnish (subtitles)
1200px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Norwegian
1280px-Flag of Sweden.svg.png Sweden Swedish
Estonia English
1200px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png United Kingdom February 3, 2020 10:00 (UTC) English
1200px-Flag of Ireland.svg.png Ireland
1280px-Flag of South Africa.svg.png South Africa February 9, 2020
February 10, 2020 (UTC+04:00)
00:00 (UTC+04:00)
23:00 (UTC+03:00)
22:00 (UTC+02:00)
21:00 (UTC+01:00)
20:00 (UTC)
Middle East Arabic
1280px-Flag of Greece.svg.png Greece Greek
1280px-Flag of France.svg.png France February 17, 2020 16:50 (UTC+01:00) French
1280px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg.png Luxembourg
800px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg.png Switzerland
Southeast Asia February 19, 2020 13:00 (UTC+09:00)
12:00 (UTC+08:00)
11:00 (UTC+07:00)
12:00 (UTC+07:00) Vietnamese (subtitles)
1280px-Flag of Israel.svg.png Israel March 4, 2020 17:00 (UTC+02:00) Hebrew
Flag of Japan.png Japan March 22, 2020 10:30 (UTC+09:00) Japanese
1280px-Flag of Portugal.svg.png Portugal March 30, 2020 12:13 (UTC+01:00) European Portuguese
Estonia April 5, 2020 04:15 (UTC+03:00) Russian
1280px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Germany 18:00 (UTC+02:00) German
1280px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Austria
1280px-Flag of Liechtenstein.svg.png Liechtenstein
1280px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg.png Luxembourg
800px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg.png Switzerland
Flag of Brazil.png Brazil April 12, 2020 11:00 (UTC-02:00)
10:00 (UTC-03:00)
09:00 (UTC-04:00)
08:00 (UTC-05:00)
Brazilian Portuguese
Mexico 13:09 (UTC-05:00)
12:09 (UTC-06:00)
11:09 (UTC-07:00)
Latin American Spanish
1125px-Flag of Spain.svg.png Spain April 21, 2020 18:10 (UTC+02:00)
17:10 (UTC+01:00)
European Spanish
1280px-Flag of Andorra.svg.png Andorra
1280px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg.png Czechia April 22, 2020 06:00 (UTC+02:00) Czech
1920px-Flag of Hungary.svg.png Hungary Hungarian
Hong Kong May 8, 2020 18:30 (UTC+08:00) English
Taiwan Mandarin
1200px-Flag of Poland.svg.png Poland June 10, 2020 22:20 (UTC+02:00) Polish
1200px-Flag of Bulgaria.svg.png Bulgaria June 20, 2020 07:30 (UTC+03:00) Bulgarian
900px-Flag of Romania.svg.png Romania Romanian
1920px-Flag of Moldova.svg.png Moldova

Names in other languages

  • Cantonese: 可怕的詛咒
  • Czech: Prokletý převopsík
  • Danish: Færgehundens forbandelse
  • Dutch: De vloek van de veerhond
  • French: La Malédiction de Cerberus
  • German: Der Fluch des Fährhundes
  • Hebrew: קללת כלבי השאול
  • Hungarian: Átokkal átszőtt ásatás
  • Italian: Il sortilegio del traghettatore
  • Japanese: フェリードッグの呪い
  • Mandarin: 可怕的詛咒
  • Norwegian: Fergehundens forbannelse
  • Polish: Klątwa psiego promiarza
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): A Maldição do Cãoronte
  • Portuguese (European): A Maldição do Cão Barqueiro
  • Romanian: Blestemul Cerberului
  • Russian: Проклятие пса перевозчика
  • Spanish (European): La maldición del barquero de canes
  • Spanish (Latin American): La leyenda del ferrycan
  • Swedish: Färjehundens förbannelse
  • Vietnamese: Lời nguyền của người lái đò địa ngục


  • This episode uses the modified title card design that was used for the first time in "Flea-Mageddon", and later in "Dal-Martians" and "Long Tongue Day", and finally later on when the Netherlands aired the next released worldwide episode.
  • This is the first episode with no episodic directors in the title card since "Flea-Mageddon".
  • The Roman vase that was found by Diesel in the episode appeared before in the background of the episode "Power to the Puppies".
  • In Southeast Asia, an instance of Dolly saying "dude" to Dylan and Dylan's line "Do I like an idiot?" were censored by trimming.


The Curse of the Ferrydog
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