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"The De Vil Wears Puppies" is the fourth two-part special of 101 Dalmatian Street, serving as the 51st and 52nd episodes of the series and the first season finale, and possibly the series finale if a second season isn't ordered. It is also the twenty-sixth episode in the Disney+ release and originally aired in Belgium on February 21, 2020, then aired in the UK a day later.


Cruella De Vil is back, more evil and powerful than ever, and this time, she'll stop at nothing to get her beloved dalmatian fur coat.


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International release

Country Airdate Time Language version
Belgium February 21, 2020 18:15 (UTC+01:00) Dutch
United Kingdom February 22, 2020 19:00 (UTC) English
South Africa March 1, 2020
March 2, 2020 (UTC+04:00)
00:25 (UTC+04:00)
23:25 (UTC+03:00)
22:25 (UTC+02:00)
21:25 (UTC+01:00)
20:25 (UTC)
Middle East Arabic
Greece Greek
France March 6, 2020 16:50 (UTC+01:00) French
Netherlands March 15, 2020 10:30 (UTC+01:00) (part 1)
10:41 (UTC+01:00) (part 2)
Italy March 29, 2020 19:20 (UTC+02:00) Italian
Czechia May 1, 2020 06:00 (UTC+02:00) Czech
Hungary Hungarian
Russia 14:10 (UTC+10:00) Russian
14:10 (UTC+07:00)
14:10 (UTC+05:00)
14:10 (UTC+03:00)
Germany May 30, 2020 10:25 (UTC+02:00) German
Poland June 19, 2020 22:20 (UTC+02:00) Polish
Bulgaria July 12, 2020 07:20 (UTC+03:00) Bulgarian
Romania Romanian
Southeast Asia July 19, 2020 10:30 (UTC+09:00)
09:30 (UTC+08:00)
08:30 (UTC+07:00)
09:30 (UTC+07:00) Vietnamese (subtitles)
Mexico August 21, 2020 10:30 (UTC-05:00) (part 1)
09:30 (UTC-06:00) (part 1)
08:30 (UTC-07:00) (part 1)
10:45 (UTC-05:00) (part 2)
09:45 (UTC-06:00) (part 2)
08:45 (UTC-07:00) (part 2)
Latin American Spanish
Brazil 14:15 (UTC-02:00) (part 1)
13:15 (UTC-03:00) (part 1)
12:15 (UTC-04:00) (part 1)
11:15 (UTC-05:00) (part 1)
14:30 (UTC-02:00) (part 2)
13:30 (UTC-03:00) (part 2)
12:30 (UTC-04:00) (part 2)
11:30 (UTC-05:00) (part 2)
Brazilian Portuguese
Denmark August 22, 2020 (part 1)
August 23, 2020 (part 2)
09:25 (UTC+03:00) (parts 1 & 2)
08:25 (UTC+02:00) (parts 1 & 2)
Finland Finnish (subtitles)
Norway Norwegian
Sweden Swedish
Estonia English
Hong Kong August 28, 2020 18:30 (UTC+08:00) (part 1)
18:42 (UTC+08:00) (part 2)
Taiwan Mandarin
Southeast Asia September 8, 2020 10:30 (UTC+09:00)
09:30 (UTC+08:00)
08:30 (UTC+07:00)
Portugal September 19, 2020 13:48 (UTC+01:00) (part 1)
13:59 (UTC+01:00) (part 2)
European Portuguese
Japan October 24, 2020 16:30 (UTC+09:00) Japanese
Spain January 1, 2021 07:50 (UTC+01:00)
06:50 (UTC)
European Spanish

Names in other languages

  • Cantonese: 擊敗庫伊拉大作戰
  • Czech: Ďábel nosí štěně
  • Danish: De Vil går i hvalpe
  • Dutch: De Vil wil puppies!
  • French: Le diable s'habille en fourrure
  • German: Die Pelzfabrik
  • Hebrew: דה-ויל לובשת גורים
  • Hungarian: A divatdíva kutyabundája
  • Italian: Una pelliccia per Crudelia
  • Japanese: 子犬を着た悪魔
  • Mandarin: 擊敗庫伊拉大作戰
  • Norwegian: De Vils valpekåpe
  • Polish: De Mon ubiera się w szczeniaki
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): Os Cruéis Usam Filhotes
  • Portuguese (European): A De Vil Veste Cachorros
  • Russian: Возвращение Круэллы (card title) / Шуба из далматинцев (spoken title)
  • Spanish (European): La De Vil viste de cachorros
  • Spanish (Latin American): A De Vil le gusta usar cachorros
  • Swedish: De Vil bär valpar
  • Vietnamese: De Vil bắt đàn chó


  • This is the final episode of the following:
    • With this being the season finale, it is the seventh and final episode of the Hunter Story Arc, and the final two parts of the hour-long season finale.
    • The last episode to premiere on Disney Channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as months afterward, all of Disney's kids television networks in the United Kingdom and Ireland and Fox Life in Africa shut down on September 30, 2020, due to a failed agreement with Sky UK and Virgin Media, with their content moving to Disney+.
      • The Italian version of the channel also closed it's operations on May 1, 2020, with this and "Puppy Dreams" being the last episodes to air on the network. This shutdown was because of the launch of Disney+ in Italy.[1]
      • This is also the last episode to be released in 2020, both in the UK and worldwide.
    • The last episode to be animated by Atomic Cartoons.
  • This is the first episode of the the following:
    • The first episode where Dorothy had some spoken dialogue, as she said her first word "Bye-bye".
    • The first time the World Wide Woof failed from communicating dogs, due to the De Vils interfering by blowing a dog whistle.
      • This also marks the first time that Doug uses the WWW.
    • The first two-parter where both title cards look different and not identical.
  • The title of this episode is likely based on the 2003 novel The Devil Wears Prada.
  • Hunter's ringtone is to the tune of the "Cruella De Vil" song.
  • This episode, along with "Dante's Inferno" and "Better the De Vil You Know", is given to an advisory content rating in some countries, different from the rest of the series, due to its content suitability.
  • Despite it being the first season finale, this is not the last episode produced for the season.
  • As in "London, We Have a Problem", Pongo and Perdita are seen in pictures, but currently unknown if they are still alive or not.
  • In Germany, this episode premiered at the end of a full day marathon called "Dalmatian Day".
  • A poster for this episode shows Roxy and Snowball joining the fight against Cruella, but neither actually appear in the episode.
  • In Southeast Asia, there are two instances of censorship by trimming:
    • Cruella's line "Farewell, fools.
    • Hunter's line "I didn't know she wanted to kill you. I... I swear."
  • Cruella from the animated 101 Dalmatians movie makes an appears in a flashback.
  • The end credits for this episode uses a different ending, showing the backgrounds and scenes throughout the current episode.

Behind The Scenes


Part 1 : https://speakerdeck.com/arutea/comedy-series-101-dalmatian-street?slide=52


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