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"Fear Window"
The Dog House

"A Summer to Remember"

Delilah is at work at the hospital with her human companion Doctor Dave who tells her about his personal life having to raise three children, which Delilah finds ironic. Back at the house, the dalmatians are playing in the backyard with Dylan showing off his hiding place blue prints to Dolly for a future hide and seek game. When Clarissa gets splashed by their water hose, she resolves to rid herself of the dalmatians once and for all. Taking one of Hugo's slippers, she tosses it over to the dalmatians yard and beckons Dylan to fight with it after comparing herself to him, something he finds insulting. Dylan proceeds to rip the slipper in half with Dizzy which is witnessed by Hugo. He then falls on a thorn bush, left by Clarissa, and becomes convinced that the dalmatians attacked him. At the hospital, Hugo yells on the phone with Lord Nincompoop about the dalmatians having attacked him, though Dave and Delilah clearly see that he has a large thorn in his butt, and decide to numb him while they yank the thorn out. Before they do so however, Delilah hears Hugo call pest control to come and take away the puppies on Dalmatian Street. Delilah yanks the thorn out and Dave accidentally injects himself with the numbing serum, making him lethargic. Delilah and a slightly unconscious Dave race down the street on an electric wheel chair with the former sending a message out to the dalmatians that pest control is coming. The dalmatians scramble as since they do not have an owner, the likelihood of them being taken away is immense. Delilah runs into Pearl who agrees to aid them is keeping pest control away.

The dalmatians create a human using a coat, balloon and a voice box of random phrases. As soon as Delilah and Dave arrive, they destroy the figure and Dave falls unconscious again. Dylan then uses his blue prints to hide all of the dalmatians and Dave wakes up in time to act as their owner. Pest control arrives and only see Dave, Dylan, Dolly, Delilah and Dorothy as the only dogs. Convinced that it was a false alarm, pest control leaves and the dogs thank Dave by dog piling on him. Clarissa is angered that pest control did nothing and barks at them. Believing that she is rabid, they capture her instead while the rest of the puppies ride away on the electric wheelchair.