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The Longest Night

"Balancing Act"

We gotta get home for dinner!
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The episode starts comic-style with Poodlewolf interacting in a face-off with a volcano. In reality, this is how Dylan's imagination reacts when he is about to skateboard on a giant ramp, insisted by Dolly and her friends. Once Dylan does the 360 trick on the skateboard ramp, it catches Hansel's attention. Ignoring Dolly's silly attempts to impress him, Hansel talks to Dylan about the event called the "Longest Night Camp Out". The annual winter event is about male, "macho" huskies focusing on getting back to the wild in the Northern night. Dylan isn't sure yet if he wants to join, although Dolly eagerly raises her paw. Hansel says the camp out event is for males only, persuading Dylan to join. Dolly asks why she and her friends can't join. Hansel explains on how he bent the rules for last year and how Big Fee basically ruined the event routine. Hansel tries to persuade the girls that they wouldn't like the event anyway, although that just starts to anger them. Dolly suspiciously starts to come up with a plan, taking advantage of Hansel's words "It's way scary."

Fergus is doing his dumpster-diving late at night in the park. A spotlight flashes onto the scavenging fox which startles him, him thinking he got caught by officer Pearl. But it is really just Dylan with his headlight on, claiming himself of "not a big fan of the dark" when Fergus asks him about the headlight. Dylan politely offers to Hansel if he could bring Dawkins along. Once Hansel answers with "So long as everyone's an alpha male" Dawkins puts his stuffed toy (Princess Proton) away and sticks out his chest. Dylan hammers the tent to the ground, which appears to be a hot pink tent with LED lights and soft music playing inside. Hansel does not think of that idea as "macho" or "alpha male-ish" so he discards it completely, shocking Dylan.

The first tradition of the camp out is stargazing. Dylan, Dawkins, and Fergus point out constellations in night sky. Second tradition: Campfires and horror stories. Hansel lights the campfire dramatically, introducing the Nordic folktale of a mythical winter creature known as the Ice Troll. Hansel tells on how on the longest night of the year, the Ice Troll froze to death, despite its slick, shaggy coat (really because a puppy peed on the fire he kept for himself). But yet, on this night of every year, his awakening spirit slinks out of the underworld to lay traps so he can make himself a warm fur coat out of (*cue Cruella voice*) puppies! At that word, Diesel appears from underground, scaring Dylan and Dawkins. Diesel asks if he can join too. Hansel accepts, although tells the others of the event to toughen or "wolf" up. Meanwhile, Dolly and her friends are eavesdropping on the horror story. Dolly gets an idea to get a little scare from Dylan and his friends once she hears about this Ice Troll.