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Triple D

Destiny, Dallas and Déjà Vu Dalmatian (English pronunciation: /ˌdeɪ.ʒɑː ˈvuː/; French pronunciation: [de.ʒa vy]), known as Triple D, are female Dalmatians and are three of the main characters of 101 Dalmatian Street. They are three of the 96 other siblings among Delilah and Doug, and are a trio of over-the-top triplets.[2] They work as actresses and help their parents pay for the house expenses.

Distinctive Personalities

Even though they're similar, the Triple D have their own distinctive traits. Destiny is the deep intellectual that cares about the world, Dallas is the glam one with a heart, and Deja Vu is the quirky air-head.

Physical Appearance

The triplets are white with black spots, and all three have pink collars with unique details each; Destiny's has hearts, Dallas's has diamonds, and Déjà Vu's has circles.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Dallas Destiny Déjà Vu
Danish Maja Iven Ulstrup (first voice)
Susan Torres Engelin (second voice)
Maja Iven Ulstrup (first voice)
Silja Okking (second voice)
Silja Okking (first voice)
Sophie Marie Jeppesen (second voice)
English Abigail Zoe Lewis Lauren Donzis
Hungarian Zsófia Pál
Italian Veronica Cuscusa Sara Vidale Eloisa Brusa
Polish Olga Cybińska Joanna Sokołowska Lila Kowalska
Portuguese (Brazil) Ana Elena Bittencourt Bruna Laynes Érika Menezes
Portuguese (Europe) Sofia Cruz Sissi Martins
Spanish (Latin American) Melissa Gutiérrez
Pamela Mendoza

Names in other languages

Triple D

  • Chinese: 三萌犬 (Sān Méng Quǎn)
  • Polish: Potrójne D, Trio D or Trzy D


  • Chinese: 黛絲妮 (Dàisīnī)
  • Greek: Ντέστινη (transcription: Ntéstini)


  • Chinese: 達拉絲 (Dálāsī)
  • Greek: Ντάλλας (transcription: Ntállas)

Déjà Vu

  • Chinese: 黛佳芙 (Dàijiāfú)
  • Greek: Ντεζα Βου (transcription: Nteza Vou)



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