Destiny, Dallas and Déjà Vu are female Dalmatians and main characters of 101 Dalmatian Street. They are three of the 96 other siblings among Delilah and Doug, and are a trio of over-the-top triplets.[2] They work as actresses and help their parents pay for the house expenses.

Physical Appearance

The triplets are white with black spots, and all three have pink collars with unique details each; Destiny's has hearts, Dallas' has diamonds, and Déjà Vu's has circles.

Names in other languages

Triple D

  • Polish: Potrójne D or Trio D


  • Greek: Ντέστινη (transcription: Ntéstini)


  • Greek: Ντάλλας (transcription: Ntállas)

Déjà Vu

  • Greek: Ντεζα Βου (transcription: Nteza Vou)



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