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What's up crazy dudes, I'm BaldiBasicsFan (or you could call me Baldi for short). I'm one of the biggest 101DS fans in America. I do wish it airs on Disney Channel USA, but what ever.

I don't have a YouTube account because the policy of the website is doing awful so far, so I rather have a VidLii account. Link to me on VidLii: Here is some TV shows that I want to create when I'm older:

  • The Rotsens: An adult animated series about a family who all have black skin. They really mean and all like to get drunk. However, they aren't always crazy, but they do live in a crazy world, and the city they live in is very colorful and flashy. This show took inspiration from the infamous Cartoon Network show The Problem Solverz, the long-running Fox cartoon The Simpsons and infamous lost creepy children's cartoon unofficially titled the "Pink Morning Cartoon".
  • The 101 Dalmatians Show: A Disney+ original I'm developing, the show would be more closer to the original 1961 film then the 1997 cartoon and will even have Pongo and Perdita as the main protagonists again like the movie. The series format would mostly be two 11-minute segments in format (excluding specials), and will even have bumpers in the middle of the show (similar to The Ren & Stimpy Show (not the Adult Party Cartoon) and the original Veggietales). It will even have an aftershow format like The Owl House, but since the show was made exclusively for streaming the format would be in the episodes in theirselves.
  • Boomers Go!: The show follows a group of children known as the boomers, who all live in a very dangerous military camp because they did very terrible stuff in their past lives. They really have to survive the camp before they get killed. The premise of it is really similar to The Simpsons episode "Kamp Krusty" and novels about World War II such as Prisoner B-3087 and Number the Stars.

By the way, my favorite episode of the series is "The De Vil Wears Puppies". I used to have a big interest in logos, but I am banned off of the CLG Wiki for writer request spamming. I WANT TO REMOVE SCARE AND CHEESY FACTORS OFF OF THERE! Well, I got to the Miraheze site to rejoin and apologize so I'm good. Also I now write episode plots on Wikipedia.

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