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Franco.almiron.503 Franco.almiron.503 19 June

Call for Help

As you may have heard, unfortunaly, it was confirmed that the show won't have a second season in the foreseeable future, but not all is lost, a group of fans are planning of doing their own season two, so if you can animate, draw or write, join us and help us.

Together we can make the second season of this show a reality.

Edit: Thanks, that some has already decided to become part of this project, some are getting ready for the July 6 trending party we are going to do, so if you want to, join in.

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Hi everyone, it's been a long time, i wanted to make this post to say, thank you for your support, together we were able to make 101 Dalmatian Street end up in the top 10 of Disney+ most watched shows, keep going like that, and in June 15, the Annecy Festival will happen, so keep your fingers crossed.

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Franco.almiron.503 Franco.almiron.503 19 October 2020

The last part of my Season 2 Ideas

This is the last part of my project everyone, state your thoughts and be honest please, and thanks for reading!

1- Dog-cumentary: Some of the kids from the school are interested in making a documental for a project, so they decide to make it about the Dalmatian family in the usual misadventures, while at the beggining it starts being funny with several clips from previous episodes about the Dalmatians' adventures, it later goes to show how some of the kids actually like to see them everyday.

2- Island of Adventure: The Dalmatian family goes on vacation to the Outer Hebrides where both Dylan and Dolly decide to go their own ways this time, Dolly ends joining a footbal team who has a Belgian Sheepdog named Scott who has issues as his team has …

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Franco.almiron.503 Franco.almiron.503 15 October 2020

Fourth part of my Season 2 Ideas

So the fourth part of this project is up, once again leave a comment stating your thoughts and be honest please!

1- An Old Tale: Delilah suffering nightmares, decides to tell Dylan and Dolly what happened after the events of the first film, just to get them ready in case Cruella returns, while Cruella recounts what happened to her before the show and how she planned her revenge, we learned from Delilah what happened to Pongo and Perdita's litter, and from Cruella how she rebuilt De Vil Industries.

2- A Matter of Art: DJ and Da Vinci discover that there will be a Folk Festival in Camden, so the two decide to work together in an attempt to show their talents, but unfortunaly creative differences set it, and the two of them will have to either …

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Franco.almiron.503 Franco.almiron.503 11 October 2020

Third part of my Season 2 Ideas

Third part of my Season 2 ideas is up, like always please comment and be honest!

1- In The Woods: Dylan goes to a trip in the forest after hearing the rumor that a dog-like creature lives here, however Dizzy and Dee Dee find a Tibetan Mastiff named Rusty who actually seeks peace is the one being mistaken for a monster, so the two decide to obtain help from their siblings in proving Dylan that the rumor is fake and get rid of all the humans trying to find Rusty.

2- Tales of Paws: The many siblings of Dylan and Dolly go through their own adventures during the first day of winter, DJ and Da Vinci decide to make a play, Triple D wants to get in time for a photoshoot, Dawkins helps Deepak in making a snow themed meditation place, however they end…

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