101 Dalmatian Street Wiki

So the fourth part of this project is up, once again leave a comment stating your thoughts and be honest please!

1- An Old Tale: Delilah suffering nightmares, decides to tell Dylan and Dolly what happened after the events of the first film, just to get them ready in case Cruella returns, while Cruella recounts what happened to her before the show and how she planned her revenge, we learned from Delilah what happened to Pongo and Perdita's litter, and from Cruella how she rebuilt De Vil Industries.

2- A Matter of Art: DJ and Da Vinci discover that there will be a Folk Festival in Camden, so the two decide to work together in an attempt to show their talents, but unfortunaly creative differences set it, and the two of them will have to either to work together or fighting will ruin their chance.

3- Lupine Greetings: Diesel ends up discovering that at night, wolves come to town and steal from the dumpsters, this causes Pearl to make a night patrol to keep any of the wolves out of Camden, but when Dylan discovers that one of the wolves, a silver one named Eska, shares his hobby of astronomy, he decides to convince his family to help them in finding a safe place for them.

4- Canine Issue: Dolly finally decides to be part of the police force by helping a rookie, a Chinook named Akshay, who is given the task of finding who is breaking and entering the stores of Camden and stealing, while Dolly tries to showoff, she later learns that Akshay actually wants to make a good impression and feels dissapointed that Dolly's not taking things seriously, feeling bad, she decides to actually help.

5- Puppy Ballet: Dylan ends up meeting a Russian Spaniel named Galina, who's owner is a young girl who seeks to be a ballerina, despite her sheltered nature, she actually enjoys some of Dylan's activities, with makes Dylan happy that he has someone who thinks he's cool, so he decides to help her owner by making a great choreography for her.

6- New Sights: The dalmatian family discovers that a school trip is taking place in the park, afraid that some of the kids might recognize them, so they attemp to hide, however they realize that some of the kids actually like them, and they would enjoy spending some time with them, both Dylan and Dolly need to see if they are trustworthy to keep the secret.