101 Dalmatian Street Wiki

Part two of this project is up, so feel free to leave a comment stating your thoughts and be honest please!

1- Get Schooled: Dorothy ends in the backpack of a kid by accident and goes to their highschool, Dylan, Dolly and their siblings go there to get her back, only to discover that there are some kids who actually share the same interest as them, despite Dylan's doubts, they might have found some new friends.

2- Spotted Film: Dylan is excited to discover that a reboot based on PoodleWolf is about to air, only to be shocked that the show not only doesn't follow the source material but changes a lot of what he loves and turns it into a comedy with a pathetic protagonist, so he decides to make a film based on the PoodleWolf he likes with his family, but it might be difficult.

3- Feline String: Deepak feeling tired that no one in his family likes cats, decides to find one to show his family that they are friendly, he ends up meeting a cat who knows how to play the violin, he decides to help him try to impress a female cat, but he has to deal with a rude cat who hates dogs that wants to date the same cat too.

4- Rabbit Burrow: Dolly decides to get a job to prove Dylan she's responsible, she becomes the guardian of a garden alongside a Basset Hound named Donna who has a rivalry with a family of rabbits, Dolly at the beggining sees her job as easy, only to meet a young rabbit named Snuffy who seek to prove his parents that he is ready to help them, both Dolly and Snuffy decide to become friends, but when pest control comes, Dolly has to choose between her new friendship or her job.

5- Hidden Paws: Da Vinci encounters someone is making art in the bridge and wants to meet them, so he asks Diesel to help her find them, in their journey they encounter a Doberman called Callum who doesn't like anyone to be in his alleyway, but Da Vinci and Diesel discover that he is the artist, so the two try to convince him to leave and show that he has a great talent.

6- Finders Keepers: Dylan and Dolly find a lost Bernedoodle puppy and both want to take care of them but in their own way, so they have a contest in the background to see who will be the one, only for their parents to find the puppy hiding and while taking care of them, remember how the two meet and got married.