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So, now that 101 Dalmatian Street is now in Disney+ UK, because the channel is gone, i decided to post some of my ideas here, like Ginga4Life, so read them and please be nice, i redesigned some of them.

1- Off to the Sea: Dizzy and Dee Dee befriend a Toller Retriever named Milo, who wants to explore a strange island he has been seeing a few days ago, excited about the idea, the two dalmatians join him, however her mother Velvet tries to stop them, and they also have to dealt with an orca who for some reason tries to prevent them for going deeper.

2- Woof Did It?: Triple D encounters a Boxador puppy called Billy who insults them, after their encounter they discover the next day that someone has been stealing objects of value across all Camden, everyone in the Dalmatian family including Dallas and Destiny believes that he is the one responsible, the only ones who believe he's innocent is Deja Vu, Diesel and Dorothy, who try to prove who is the real thief.

3- The Pup of Frights: Dante tired of being mocked in Halloween, seeks the help of a stray dog who helps him in making pranks that scare all of Camden, however Dante discovers that he had actually ruined Halloween and it turns out that the stray dog not only thinks that Dante's faking his personality but finds funny ruining Halloween for everyone, and one of his pranks ends up getting angry a gang of street dogs, now he has to solve this problem and bring the happyness back to everyone.

4- The Canine Trail: Dylan wanting to prove he is brave, goes camping with Hansel and Fergus in a trip to the forest, however the three has to deal with the fact that they have no prior experience, so they try to find different to make the their trip work, without admitting to eachother they're cheating.

5- Canvas Pooch: Da Vinci tries to with the help of DJ make a art piece in a bridge, but encounters a Maltese puppy called Emily who alongside her posse thinks she's wasting her time, DJ angry seeks to help her in making a show to prove her passion to others, but Da Vinci thinks he is going to far.

6- Lights, Camera, Dogs: Triple D discovers that a new film is being made is seeking acting dogs, only to discover that the director doesn't want them as he thinks they're only good at being cute, Triple D decides to sabotage the film to be a part of it, meanwhile Delgado tries to participe to be the mascot of the protagonist, but fears that he might get rejected by his wheelchair.

If you want you can question about any of my ideas or comment on them, feel free to do so down below. Just be nice and tell your opinion.

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