So...this is gonna be a more personal blog than the ones to my season one review project. I was originally going to post this way earlier, but I decided to wait until I posted the final part of my season one review project so you guys could have a clear idea as to how I feel about season one. I ended up falling in love with this show after watching Boom Night, and it led to me eventually becoming an admin on this wiki, which I'm more than grateful for. But before then, back in December of 2019, something happened that I've been hurt by for almost half a year now; and I know it seems odd to bring it up now, but I need to get this off my chest.

I'll start from the beginning. For those who don't know about the user known as Stardog, he wasn't the most renowned user on here, but he still came on enough for us to gain a good friendship. One day, we were talking about the latest episodes, which at the time were The Curse of the Ferrydog and The Walls are Alive, and many of you probably know that the former is my least favorite episode of the show. When Stardog said he liked it a lot, I asked why in my usual snarky way, while also mentioning a brief, but vulgar way of what I'd want to do with Dante after the episode.

That's when the trouble started. Instead of telling me that he was offended by this so I could apologize and we could move on, he basically told me to screw off and not talk to him anymore. It hit me personally, because along with Puppytales and Baldi, he was a really good friend of mine on the wiki. I ended up posting this blog stating my side of the story, and I didn't know it was his birthday at the time, so it was the worst timing in the world. I just thought he didn't want to talk to me. I said some really nasty stuff in that blog too. It's down now, but it still hurts me to think that I posted that for what ended up being a reason that didn't exist. I was able to reconcile with Stardog soon after though, and we continued talking about the show like normal as if the drama never happened.

Two days later however, the user known as Kylie, came onto the wiki and blocked me for a solid month, and I asked Baldi if he could back me up, unblocking me and telling Kylie to let me be on the wiki. But she was persistant and kept trying to get me blocked, refusing to see that the conflict had been resolved, and she even got her sidekick Dubsfordays to get me blocked, and they even said I posted the blog on his birthday, but guys; I didn't know it was his birthday when I posted it! You can't use ignorance against me! Anyway, that led to me getting blocked indefinitely, and the situation left Stardog feeling like he didn't belong on the wiki.

I was able to convince Baldi to let me back on the wiki, thankfully. Don't think this situation let me off easy though. My friendship with Baldi was almost destroyed because of the way the drama continued. And I lost a dear friend because of my stupidity and rash decision making. So Stardog, if you're reading this, if you ever decide to come back on the wiki, then I just want you to know, that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the drama I started due to my emotions taking me over.

I'm not trying to justify myself, or say I wasn't in the wrong. I just want to explain myself, and let everyone know my side of the story, and hopefully get this off my chest. (Sighs despondently) Signing out.

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