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"All Fired Up"
Walkies on the Wild Side

"May Contain Nuts"

The episode begins with Dolly and Dylan playing with Fergus the Fox in the park, using trash can lids to skim across the pond and the sky is dark storm clouds as it will storm later in the episode. Dylan is reluctant to do so, concerned about what is in the water, but Dolly nudges him in, causing him to be flung from the trash can lid and into the water.

Dolly comments how Dylan is not as much of a nature boy as Fergus is (with Dylan insisting he enjoys nature as much as the next dog), but Fergus suggests that, with the right training, he can bring out Dylan's inner wolf. Dolly laughs, figuring Dylan has more of an inner Chihuahua, but Dylan agrees to take Fergus up on his offer. Dolly then realizes she is puppy-sitting alone now but figures she can handle it.

Fergus takes Dylan to roll in the flowers, jump scare someone sleeping in the park, and chase pigeons, leading to Dylan getting chased by the pigeons himself. Back at the house, Dolly is playing with the other puppies, and while Dawkins suggests it is nap time, Dolly decides to take the other pups to the park.

In the park, Fergus is teaching Dylan how to swagger, when Dolly arrives. Dylan asks how the puppy-sitting is doing, and Dolly tells him she is doing okay, before getting bundled on by the other Dalmatians.

Fergus then takes Dylan to meet the Canal Crew, which consists of him, Sid the Squirrel and Big-Fee the Rat. Together, the crew go around the city doing bad things, such as Big-Fee running into a café and scaring the customers or doing a ring & run on a cat lady who lives on a barge. After this, a thunderstorm is beginning as Fergus tells Dylan to take off his collar to officially make himself part of the Canal Crew, giving him the name "D-Dog". It begins to rain hard and thunderstorm when Dylan takes his collar off and his stomach growls, signaling dinner.

Back in the house, Dolly is trying to feed the other pups. Dawkins advises certain requirements for each pup, but Dolly declares: "Eat what you want".

Back with the Canal Crew, they see their meal ticket with people waiting at a bus stop. While Fergus, Sid and Big-Fee steal their food from the people, Dylan gives puppy-dog eyes to a human, who willingly gives him some of his burger. Lightning strikes and spooks Dylan. When Fergus questions this, Dylan claims that it is because the other pups fear the thunder, so he decides to check on the "World Wide Woof" to see how they're doing. Fergus also decided to check the "World Wide Woof" as well.

At the house, Dolly is trying to calm the other pups before she hears Dylan's message. Dylan suggests Dolly set up the thunder tent and check if she knows how to set it up. Dolly insists she does but does not have much luck when she tries to do so.

Soon, Dylan and the Canal Crew are sleeping under a bridge, but Dylan cannot get comfortable with the rain, wind and almost getting hit by a cyclist. He then notices the barge from earlier and poses as a cat to be let in (the lady in the barge is shortsighted, so she does not realize Dylan is a canine).

Back at the house, all the other Dalmatians are concerned on where Dylan is, and Dolly goes to find him, leaving Dawkins in charge. Dolly wakes the Canal Crew up and they realize Dylan is not with them, so begin to search for him. Dolly soon finds Dylan in the canal boat, snuggling with a ball of string. Dylan admits he snuck on to the barge because he was cold, and Dolly admits that she would like Dylan to come home. Dylan is relieved, as he suspects he is allergic to cats.

The thunderstorm then stops, and the Barge Lady wakes up and starts the boat to set sail to Amsterdam. Dylan tries to get to the door, but the lady puts her glasses on to find that Dylan is a canine. While she is still okay with this, she thinks Dylan is a stray and tries to keep him on the boat, but he begins barking and acting crazy, allowing him to escape the barge. Fergus finds a trash can lid and throws it to Dylan, allowing him to ride it on the water.

Dolly compliments Dylan on how wild his escape was, and Fergus suggests they now bungee jump from Big Ben, but Dylan asks for a rain check on that, feeling that 101 Dalmatian Street is all the wild he needs. Dolly gives Dylan his collar back as the Canal Crew head off into the city with the sun behind the very dark storm clouds.