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"Power to the Puppies"
Who the Dog Do You Think You Are?

"All Fired Up"

The episode begins with Dylan playing Martian Hunt (Hide & Seek) with Dizzy and Dee Dee in the attic. He finds them under a sheet, where they pounce and tickle him. Dee Dee then realizes that the sheet they were hiding under was also covering a portrait of a royal canine who looks just like Dylan! Dylan deduces the canine is the Prince of Dalmatia, and Dizzy and Dee Dee head off to tell all the pups about this. Next door, Clarissa the Corgi hears about this.

Soon, all the dalmatians are gathered in the attic, and Dolly laughs about the idea of Dylan being a prince. She then gets a look at the portrait and does admit that it does have a resemblance but asks Dylan not to act like he is a big deal because of it. The dalmatians continue joking and playing about with the Prince Dylan idea.

Then, Clarissa arrives with Arabella & Prunella the Pug, where they see the portrait in question. Clarissa declares the lounge as Dylan’s throne room, while Dolly rolls her eyes at this. Clarissa notices this and decides to keep an eye on Dolly. Dylan tries to get back to his chores, but Clarissa tells him that since he is a prince, others are supposed to wait on him. Dolly protests this, but she gets shut out the lounge. Clarissa then presents Dylan with her courtier application form and asks him to sign it; Dylan does so, seeing it as a break from the chores and thinking it would drive Dolly nuts.

Clarissa locks the application in a box, and uses the “World Wide Woof” to summon the high-class dogs (including a non-fancy golden retriever who reappears in "Snow Day", but also didn’t howl for the World Wide Woof unlike the fancy dogs) to meet Prince Dylan (gifts are a must).

When the high-class Dogs arrive, Dizzy and Dee Dee try to sneak Dolly back into the lounge with their present, but that causes them and Dolly to be locked out the lounge, angering the three. Dolly tries to talk to Clarissa, and the corgi suggests they discuss it outside. Dolly questions why, only to find that Clarissa is locking her out the house; even her paw scan will not work.

Later, Dylan is sitting alone in his “throne room” expressing how dull things are without Dolly, before he sees Dolly using a mattress outside to jump in front of the window. Dylan is then shocked to discover that Clarissa, Arabella & Prunella have banished the other dalmatians from the house. Dylan protests this since they are family, but Clarissa tells Dylan that she shall be his family and prepares him for their wedding. Dylan questions what she means by this, and Clarissa reveals that her courtier application was a marriage certificate! Clarissa plans to rule 101 Dalmatian Street through Dylan to deal with the riffraff.

While Clarissa, Arabella & Prunella plan the wedding, Dylan can sneak outside and explain the situation to Dolly, admitting he let the prince thing get to his head. Dolly laughs at this at first but agrees to help when she realizes that if the two are married, that would make Clarissa her sister-in-law.

The dalmatian's plan is for Dylan to get back into the house, with Dolly sneaking through the Dog Door, which uses his crown to keep ajar. While Dylan distracts Clarissa with planning the wedding, Dolly searches the house for where the marriage certificate is. She briefly needs to hide in front of the portrait when Clarissa is in the room, but soon she finds the certificate and shreds it.

Dylan celebrates this, but Clarissa reveals that she made copies and is still binding. Dolly then realizes that the prince of Dalmatia portrait is missing some of its spots, before noticing dust on her ears. It turns out the portrait was covered in dust and the canine in the portrait was not even a dalmatian.

Clarissa, realizing she married a commoner, shreds all her copies, and exits the house with her entourage.

Delilah then returns home and notices the prince of Dalmatia portrait. Dylan asks if the dog in the portrait really is royalty but Delilah laughs, revealing that they got the portrait for less than £10 in the Camden market, where prints of it are being sold in bulk.