Winter Funderland/Plot

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"May Contain Nuts"
Winter Funderland

"Snow Day"

The Dalmatian family are watching the weather report, and it seems that a "once in a century" snowstorm is coming. Dylan and Dawkins express concern at this, with Dylan suggesting they build up food and water supplies, as well as multiple backup generators, while Dolly is excited about playing in the snow. Doug comments how it is fortunate that "once in a century" snowstorms are not becoming more frequent, but Dawkins comments he may want to check his facts on that. That night, Dolly tells Dee Dee and Dizzy about snow, the younger two having never experienced snow before. The next morning, instead of snow, Dolly is shocked to find that it is raining, with Dylan noting that they do live in London. Dolly sees the look of disappointment on the other pups' faces, and regrets hyping it up as much as she did.

Delilah and Doug head to work in the storm, seeing Dolly upset about the lack of snow. Delilah does admit she prefers tropical weather. Dolly then sees Dorothy sliding down the stairs in her winter hat and compliments the younger pup for sledging indoors. This then gives Dolly an idea, so she goes to Dawkins to help her.

Together, the two turn the house heater into a cooler. Dylan, who was in the shower as everything becomes cold, asks Dolly about this, but Dolly suggests it could be that he is moulting, getting Dylan to go check if he really is.

Using a fan, the vacuum and the freezer, Dolly and Dawkins can make snow, getting additional water from Clarissa's water line. Soon, the house is full of ice and snow, and Dolly announces a snow party and uses the Worldwide Woof to get the other animals to come to the house too, including the Canal Crew, Hansel, Roxy, Snowball, Portia the Poodle, and Spencer the Sausage Dog. Clarissa, Prunella and Arabella and an unknown retriever also come, just to criticize everything.

Dylan then sees what has happened and is shocked. Dolly apologizes, admitting she thought Dylan would get fussy. Dylan confirms that Dolly was right about that, seeing it as a health and safety nightmare. Dylan then recognizes Dawkins' guilty look and Dawkins admits that Dolly made him do it. Dylan demands they restore the heat but is distracted when Dolly grabs an icicle and claims it contains a dinosaur bone.

Later, Clarissa is still criticizing everything, and Dylan's tongue is now frozen. It has now become so cold, everything else is frozen solid. Clarissa heads out so she can have fondue back at her house. Dee Dee and Dizzy ask if they can come along, but Clarissa snaps at them. Dolly tries to keep the party spirits up, making sure no one leaves, but Fergus notes that they cannot anyway because the door is now frozen shut.

Dolly admits to going too far before realizing that Dylan and Dawkins have been frozen solid. Dolly warms them up, and they agree that they need to get the temperature back to normal.

Dylan gets the backup generator, while Dolly can unfreeze the heater. Soon, they can get the temperature up, melting the ice and snow. The Dalmatians try to dry the house, but Dylan sees Delilah and Doug approaching up the road. Not thinking they can dry the house up in time, Dawkins suggests that they increase the temperature again, to turn the water into steam.

This works, with Delilah and Doug thinking the pups had set up a tropical theme for them.

Dylan questions where all the additional water went, with Dolly claiming it went to a good place...that being Clarissa's house, which causes it to erupt from below her just as she is about to have fondue. Dolly is watching this with Dee Dee and Dizzy, who are happy to have experienced their first snow and Corgi fondue.

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