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Concept art for a typical World Wide Woof, the process being used by Dylan and Dorothy, both howling at each other.

World Wide Woof is a running gag from the show that is the series equivalent to the Twilight Bark from the original movie.

It is used to communicate messages through long distance howling, which is being repeated along the way by dogs who hear it.

Unfortunately, during the two-part season 1 finale, "The De Vil Wears Puppies", the users Delilah and Doug failed to use it properly, due to Cruella De Vil and Hunter De Vil interfering by blowing a dog whistle.

List of Episode Uses

NOTE: The unnamed dogs will not count, unless named dogs are not a part of the gag.


  • In the episode "Long Tongue Day", Big Fee is shown on screen, but isn't sending the message as the others do. This is probably because she's not a dog.
  • The pups in "May Contain Nuts" are barking instead of howling for the World Wide Woof, but still count as they are barking to it.
  • Some dubs of the episode "London, We Have a Problem Part 2" would have Dorothy howling out the system.